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 That's the "moral hazard" of publicly held companies. The executives can make decisions that provide personal enrichment short-term and expose the company to bankruptcy. Most obvious example: many of the large banking and financial companies during the real estate bubble.
 Structurally weak? That's not what Consumer Reports said after testing. They specifically said that although some phones had a higher level of resistance than others, that all of the phones were perfectly acceptable for structural integrity. In other words, they were all well beyond the frame strength needed to prevent permanent bending under normal use, which includes people sitting on their phone in the back pocket. Apple had three different stress tests for simulating...
 They aren't spying on everything. The major phone companies like Verizon testified in front of Congress (with proof) that the only domestic metadata that had been mass collected by the NSA was from land line phones. No cell phone or internet.   Also, the major tech companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc. proved that PRISM was a standard subpoena procedure with limited scope, not an unlimited backdoor access to servers.
 What damning revelations? That PRISM was a standard subpoena procedure? Or that the NSA never actually mass collected cell phone or internet data domestically? Snowden made a bunch of exaggerated and/or false claims about those things initially in order to hide the fact that his most valuable data was related to foreign surveillance, not domestic. 
 Surface area is irrelevant to bending. It's how the force is being applied that makes the phone bend. That's why all the videos that show people bending the phones do not involve them placing the phone vertically against their leg. They bend the phone by having most of the surface area underneath the phone unsupported. That's obviously not going to occur if the phone is placed vertically in your pocket against your leg.
The great thing about the videos where people are using their hands to bend the phone is that they prove you would need a fulcrum underneath the phone in order to bend it across it's width. It can't be bent if the force across the bottom is evenly distributed, which is exactly what would be happening if the phone was placed vertically in your pants pocket against your leg. The only way your leg could possibly act like a fulcrum and generate the force needed to bend the...
 It's seriously fake too. There's only two possible ways you can bend the iPhone across its width in a pants pocket: A. Put the phone into a tight pants pocket horizontally (which nobody can claim is a "normal" use of the phone). B. Put the phone into a tight pants pocket vertically and then apply pressure in an isolated spot underneath the phone (which isn't possible if the length of the phone is pressed against your leg).
 The NSA doesn't use probable cause since they're a national security agency and are not trying to prosecute people in criminal court like the FBI or local police. They use reasonable suspicion, which is a lower standard but is perfectly legal under the Constitution for search/seizure. Reasonable suspicion does not allow the information collected to be used to prosecute someone in criminal court.
Just goes to show that "big government" isn't really that much of hindrance to business. All sorts of U.S. corporations are willing to jump through every hoop the Chinese government holds up in order to gain even limited access to the market.
Gee, isn't that an example of "BIG GOVERNMENT" that should have American business owners fleeing for the exits? Even minor regulatory activity by the feds in the U.S. is treated like it's going to ruin the business climate, yet look at all the American companies flocking to China and calling it crucial to their business success.
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