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grandfathering is something companies do to encourage the consumer to stick with the plan and company they were already using , if they didnt then the consumer would be looking at all companies equally when there contract is up. what att is saying is that they dont value their long term customers
ok , i wasnt sure if it had been announced or not , thank you for your response
when will the new ipod touch be released?
and the developers would then pass the charge back onto consumers , in which case you would then have apps,software and media having different charges based on what carrier your affiliated with. have a contract with att you will be paying more then you would with verizon , for apps , media and software
phone carriers have you sign a two yr contract , of course you cant keep returning to golden corral after paying for one visit. but with a contract you should be getting the service that was agreed to when the contract was signed which is why the judge sided with the consumer
yes , you signed a contract that offers unlimited, they throttle you when you reach an undefined point which is what is happening they had there day in court and the law sided with the consumer.
if someone purchases UNLIMITED , then thats what they are entitled to its not the consumers fault if the seller cannot meet the demand for the product they sold. dont blame the consumer , blame the seller for the the plan. how would u feel if you went to an all you can eat buffet , and after your first plate you were cut off , or had your eating untensils and plate removed or other methods to prevent you from getting all you can eat?
there seems to be a lot of belief behind this "credible" source , did anyone actually click on the link and goto the page and see all the info that is given?
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