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3 hours of use is really not that much in my opinion. It's a LED light, and with that size lamp the built in battery should at least be big enough to last twice the amount. 3 hours is hardly a full evening and not sufficient, nor worth the $100.
 Where's the proof that it's not? There just isn't any good reason to go this far, júst for a póssible chance to catch a part of the 0,01% that we call extremists. And this is not some hacker doing some hacking to prove that a company needs to put more work into making it's software more secure. It's a government agency that's deliberately hacking company's products in order to spy on it's citizens. There has never been any proof that doing these things will make...
I feel the same way… I mean, this isn't about catching criminals or extremists anymore. They clearly want to know everything from everybody (and their mom), without having to justify their way of going about it. To be honest, after everything Snowden has made public, and after Obama promised to change things regarding privacy, I'm starting to develop an intense distrust toward any government. There's just no good enough reason for any government or CIA-(type) of agency to...
I think the new MacBook 12" looks amazing, but I don't quite understand it's role. I mean, the top-of-the-line 12" version is $1799… but if you configure the 13" Air, you seem to get a better CPU, Intel 6000 (compared to the 5300 in the 12"), and a bigger screen and more ports. Am I missing something, or does it feel like they want to get rid of the Air and replace it with the new 12" MacBook?
Ouch%u2026 aside from selling roughly 50% less Galaxy S5 phones as they predicted, and aside from the first fine they had to pay Apple in the first place, they have to yet again pay up because of their own stupidity? I want to bet that they won't learn their lesson from it and feel "very dissapointed" because they put all that time and money in to innovation.
Isn't this like the Wacom inkling? It looks and sounds exactly the same, but the price seems to be a good bit lower. If the quality is the same though, Inkling has a tough competitor going for it
The display is definitely a little strange, but only when you have it on the top-side of your wrist. On the bottom side it's actually a lot more natural to look at it without putting your arm in an awkward position. But I was véry surprised about Microsoft releasing something like this, and especially for a relatively low price like this.    I mean, I really like the way Apple Watch looks and works and what it offers. But I find it much too expensive for what it does....
I'm loving the iMac Retina… too expensive for me personally, but a great value for what you're getting! I am a little surprised that there were no updates to the rest of the iMac line though, they feel a little left out I think.
This is getting ridiculous.   I'm all for equal rights, but that goes for capabilities as well. Why can't we (everyone in the world I guess) judge people by their capabilities and not their gender or race? I mean, I completely agree that women are not always getting equal rights at companies while they should, but this is slowly starting to feel like women are getting móre rights than men with these kind of "benefits" of $20.000. That's the other side of extremity in my...
I understand that, but multi-colored just means 3 differently colored LED's in a bulb. It's not much more than that. And there's a minuscule little controller to control them, sure. But you can buy meters worth of LED's with the same functionality for the same amount of money… I've actually got one hooked up to the back of my TV, and it works wonders. I just don't see the value if I compare it to what's actually inside of these bulbs.
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