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  Nor has there been a single study, scientific or otherwise, justifying the FAA's rule that two pilots must fly commercial passenger airliners.  In fact, there have been several cases recently (JetBlue crazy pilot, etc) where it has been proven that a single pilot can safely fly the airplane.     Nor has there been a single study, scientific or otherwise, justifying the FAA's rule that C4 explosives without the detonators be banned from my carry-on.  There hasn't been a...
Why bother having industry professionals and experts tasked with using their expertise when everything could simply be done by politicians? Try as they might, whims and "common sense" don't beat science and reason.
  That's simply not true.  If something has been publicly demonstrated or disclosed, then a claimant has a certain amount of time to file for a patent-- otherwise, anyone else can come along and reproduce or take from the invention.  But someone else can not come along and patent something that has already foregone the patent.  Actually in a way that's what Apple may have been found to do-- i.e. it's being alleged that Apple's patent is being invalidated due to "prior...
How is it that on AppleInsider comments, when a company sues Apple for a patent that was granted to them, and then that patent is later invalidated, that company is/was an Apple hating troll, but if Apple gets a patent that is later invalidated, then it's a conspiracy lead by Apple's "world class enemies"?
It is much the same as a law being overturned or later ruled unconstitutional.  You don't keep the prisoner in prison.   Just because a law is passed does not mean the law is "valid".   Similarly, patents can and have been invalidated-- sometimes after a lawsuit.  This is nothing new.
Wi-Fi + Cellular?  Doesn't sound as good as "Wi-Fi + Mobile", especially since most people outside of the U.S. refer to portable telephone communications as "Mobile".  But kudos for Apple recognizing the inherent confusion in marketing something as 4G when it doesn't work as 4G in the local market where it is sold.
  Why should anyone mind that Apple's business intentions caused prices for generic products to go up?  I don't think anyone should mind that the prices at Amazon went up as a result of the change in business model, as long as it helps our beloved Apple compete.    
    It's the candy store's fault if they charge it to your credit card because they already have it on file.   I don't think these parents gave their children their credit card or their password.  Apple (like the vast majority of businesses) simply cares more about making it convenient for them to make money, not so much that purchases can be unintentional.  In this sort of situation, Apple doesn't "Think Different"-- they do what most other businesses would do.      
      I dunno, they're doing a pretty good job of keeping their children away from "adult content"/porn.  Too bad it's technically impossible to have parental controls that would keep items rated as "porn" away from children.   In other words... it seems that they argue that parental controls are a great solution, but only when it suits their pockets.    
The point is-- I could! (and if you didn't know, there ARE some "car-modders" who do just that-- including "trading code"). Should the manufacturer be responsible for what happens when I do that? No way! Just like the manufacturer wouldn't be responsible if I removed the brakes from my car.Should Apple be responsible for the unintended effects of changing iOS? Absolutely not! I think it's interesting that (according to the developer previews) their new O/S may be...
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