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It is much the same as a law being overturned or later ruled unconstitutional.  You don't keep the prisoner in prison.   Just because a law is passed does not mean the law is "valid".   Similarly, patents can and have been invalidated-- sometimes after a lawsuit.  This is nothing new.
Wi-Fi + Cellular?  Doesn't sound as good as "Wi-Fi + Mobile", especially since most people outside of the U.S. refer to portable telephone communications as "Mobile".  But kudos for Apple recognizing the inherent confusion in marketing something as 4G when it doesn't work as 4G in the local market where it is sold.
  Why should anyone mind that Apple's business intentions caused prices for generic products to go up?  I don't think anyone should mind that the prices at Amazon went up as a result of the change in business model, as long as it helps our beloved Apple compete.    
    It's the candy store's fault if they charge it to your credit card because they already have it on file.   I don't think these parents gave their children their credit card or their password.  Apple (like the vast majority of businesses) simply cares more about making it convenient for them to make money, not so much that purchases can be unintentional.  In this sort of situation, Apple doesn't "Think Different"-- they do what most other businesses would do.      
      I dunno, they're doing a pretty good job of keeping their children away from "adult content"/porn.  Too bad it's technically impossible to have parental controls that would keep items rated as "porn" away from children.   In other words... it seems that they argue that parental controls are a great solution, but only when it suits their pockets.    
The point is-- I could! (and if you didn't know, there ARE some "car-modders" who do just that-- including "trading code"). Should the manufacturer be responsible for what happens when I do that? No way! Just like the manufacturer wouldn't be responsible if I removed the brakes from my car.Should Apple be responsible for the unintended effects of changing iOS? Absolutely not! I think it's interesting that (according to the developer previews) their new O/S may be...
For the record-- I completely understand (and in many cases agree with) Apple's attempts to keep the computing experience "clean" for the user, and apparently millions of consumers don't mind it either! But a "safety gear" is a seatbelt, or an airbag. A "safety gear" doesn't restrict who is allowed in the car (that's an anti-theft device). I think it's more equivalent to, in the name of safety, designing the car such that it will only operate on pre-approved highways...
I see your point. In making the iPad, Apple has made the equivalent "safe, automatic, and requiring little mechanical or technical knowledge." I'm sorry that I didn't realize that the multitude of wireless telecommunications standards had anything to do with "technical knowledge." I never DID understand why companies decided to dumbify it as "2G", "3G", or "4G". It's not like most people don't recognize the differences between TDMA and CDMA based standards-- what idiot...
Well, Apple itself seems to think its customers are too stupid to be allowed to install their own software without going through Apple's own store. On one hand the customers need to be protected from themselves installing potential viruses/etc, but on the other hand the customer should not be "stupid", not knowing the differences between "UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, DC-HSDPA in the 850mhz, 900mhz, 2900mhz, and 2100 mhz ranges." I guess in your mind they can have it both ways?
No, not exactly. It's like Apple advertising the "iPad 100g" as an iPad that weighs only 100 grams (with footnote #6 specifying that it may weigh a full 600 grams if used outside of the Moon).
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