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  Shame that graphic doesn't list the Samsung Galaxy Note's performance (with it's dual core 1.4Ghz CPU and gorgeous 5.3" screen!).    
  Your collection is still incomplete. You ought to add SugarSync (5GB free) and Minus (10GB free).   But... what on earth are you going to do with all those small personal clouds?   I started out with DropBox, but 2.5GB was too small/little so I changed to Minus where I have 20GB of free online storage space now. For me that's more than enough for a virtual pendrive/USB stick that I can't lose, forget or have stolen.
    How about calculating how much damage, capital destruction, 'FlashBack' causes society?   I'll bet that is easily two or three magnitudes more than those hacker fuckers make off their little 'trick'.
  The garage is too close. What if a 747 crashed on your house? Or a meteorite? Or Uncle Kim's Long Dong warhead? It does happen, you know! You should store another (mirror) copy of that backup set at least 10 miles away. That's what I got, and I physically rotate 'm once a month. It's really the old Grandfather-Father-Son data security and backup plan we already used in the sixties!
    So when the messenger lies it is OK to kill him...?   But even so, you would still have to know that the messenger is lying. Which you don't. You're assuming. A.k.a. bias. As usual.
In every way.   The 'surprise' here is that the government doesn't need to force them to. The big corporations bend over backwards to accommodate the acronyms' appetite for our personal data, even before they are asked. Betraying their customers trust. No subpoenas or other inconvenient, traceable paperwork necessary.
Minus.com offers 10GB free right off the bat. No need to install f...ing Lion first (and get yourself walled into Apple's eco system).
    You bet your ass "Apple is violating your privacy just as much as Google is"! And even more than Google if they can get away with it! And all of those big digital corporations share your 'private' data with the acronyms on a permanent basis. You're in the US, you know! Big Brother is all over you!   You're really very naive if you think Apple is holier than thou.
      Killing the messenger is infantile and counter productive behavior.
BBC video: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-17870191
New Posts  All Forums: