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    Indeed. He often was a royal PITA for his coworkers! More than once has he been compared to a slavedriver. He easily flew off the handle. His temper tantrums were legendary in Cupertino. You wouldn't want to have been around when he had one.
[...] Samsung overtook Apple to become the world’s largest smartphone vendor by volume with a record 31 percent market share. Samsung’s global smartphone shipments rose 253 percent annually to 44.5 million units, as demand surged for its popular Galaxy models such as the Note, S2 and Y. [...]   http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20120426007116/en/Strategy-Analytics-Samsung-Apple-Capture-55-Percent   And Samsung is only one of a dozen Android smartphone...
    I would appreciate that. Yes "Exodus Facebook Executives" would be better.
    You're absolutely right. Where I said Google in the title it should have been Facebook of course. My mistake.   Unfortunately I can't edit it now anymore. I just tried. Maybe that's because I posted it before the new layout.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook's Board of Directors was all but out of the picture when Mark Zuckerberg struck the $1 billion deal to purchase Instagram, the yet-profitless photo-sharing service. From the article: 'It was a remarkably speedy three-day path to a deal for Facebook—a young company taking pains to portray itself as blue-chip ahead of its initial public offering of stock in a few weeks that could value it at up to $100 billion. Companies...
Apparently you need to finish growing up first. It's a lot more disheartening to have grown up in a world where entire countries are dictated by what is very obviously an egotistic shareholder drive.
And if Apple so easily lies about something like this it is a given that they lie about whatever they deem convenient.So what else is new?
Yes, because that single company is the industry leader. And Noblesse Oblige.If Apple can't take the heat it should get out of the kitchen.Apple wants to be industry leader so it, and its fanbois, shouldn't whine like kindergarten kids.
Nightie night, murch!
New Posts  All Forums: