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Bump for laggards.
You call yourself a 'Moderator'? A 'Global Moderator', no less? Well, instead of smugly sending everybody on a wild goose chase I think your dear forum readers are better served with real information and a real solution. For instance like so:How to check whether your OSX is infected by Flashback.I, and if it is, how to nuke that mother!You're welcome...
No ref? Why isn't that surprising...
Fix your browsers, kick out Java, and check 'Software Update'. http://www.smh.com.au/it-pro/securit...405-1we6x.html
Yes, primary. My bad.That's circular reasoning! You sound like a Jehovah's Witness!You didn't read my post well. Free iCloud will sadly succumb to its success. Is what it will probably be sold as. It will never be a paid service as long as the law forbids that. It will perish first. 'Under the weight of its own success'.
No. SSDs – as that article points out – won't be able to deliver after 2024.You say that is no problem, because we (will) have (i)Cloud storage.I say you're selling your soul to the devil if you rely on the cloud as your primary storage solution. The devil will collect on that.But if neither HDs nor SSDs, or an as yet to be developed alternative technology, will be (sufficiently) available after 2024, we – the market – won't have a realistic choice anymore. We will have to...
No, not against "every technology that looks to supplant it", but against this technology that looks to supplant it. Because this technology puts our data – us – at the mercy of the cloud operators. And the cloud operators are businesses, not charities. They need to make a profit! So they'll bleed the market – us – for whatever it's worth. And let me tell you: our data is worth trillions. And they know it!
That's never stopped big corporations. So they get their lobbyists, their Congressmen, and their Senators to change the law. Or they simply stop the free iCloud service, citing whatever excuse is convenient, and launch a new and improved, but paid "iStorage Pro" service, to which they will transfer all your data for free (aren't they nice?) and without any hassles IF you opt-in. If you don't you'll have to shell out for a (couple of) big SSD(s) or HD(s), and download your...
Yes, as free as your first few coke snorts But once you've got your data up there, have come to rely on it, and the 'free alternatives' are sued out of existence you will pay through the nose. (Like with coke... ).
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