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No, Apple('s iCloud) is going to be doing the sueing (together with Amazon, Microsoft, and other big cloud operators; i.o.w. a kartel!) of your 'free alternatives' (read: competition) to drum them out of business, using ACTA-, SOPA-, and PIPA-like constructs. And then they, that kartel, can blackmail us (you and me) for access to our own data!
Dream on: there won't be any 'free alternatives' as 'they' are (trying to) sueing those out of existence with ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, etc. etc.
That is not my "overarching implication"! I couldn't care less about which technology is applied to store my data. As long as it is not controlled by someone else BUT me!That is not the case with cloud storage. Cloud storage operators can cut us off of our own data at the drop of a hat! And demand anything they bloody well please to reconnect us again. With cloud computing we're setting ourselves up for cosmic scale blackmail.
And then somebody else on the other side of the world, whom you don't know, will determine your access to your data. And bleed you dry for that access. You won't own your own data anymore.
Yeah, and you probably believe in the bible too.SSD technology was conceived in the mid-seventies. So it took 30+ years to develop into a (little bit) commercially viable proposition (it's still faaar too expensive for a great breakthrough). Today we have no viable next generation mass storage technology concept, and only 12 years until we really need it commercially viable and available for the mass markets...
"Only" doubled? Do you have any idea how that exponentially increases read/write errors on a 4TB drive into the zillions?
Whole article here.So if 2024 is the event horizon for SSD technology. Then we'd better get a move on developing the next paradigm! We'll need it, in full working order with all teething problems dealt with, by 2024!But TBH I don't see a glimmer of a realistic next memory storage paradigm anywhere! What would it have to be? Quantum computing is still decades off.
You must have been under some rock then.
Even if it had been 'only' a dozen times your 'explanation' still doesn't make sense: they would have decided after 1 or 2 times that it didn't work for them, and stopped doing it. But they didn't. They kept going. They launched – LIVE – all of the iPhone and iPad iterations to date for instance. So it doesn't make sense that they suddenly wouldn't do it now anymore.
Huh? Where did you get that idea? I've seen Jobs do it – live – dozens of times. Especially in this century! The last time he did it he announced the 4S like that! Or have you already forgotten that too? And after a couple dozen of those live announcements – "one more thing" – you say they've decided to not do it anymore "because it doesn't work"...? That doesn't make sense.
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