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  What lies? I have an iPhone 4 and can drop the signal from 5 or 4 bars to 1 bar, or from 3 bars and below to 'no service' just by holding the phone in my left hand.   That isn't a lie, it's a fact. I've long become used to holding the phone precariously between thumb and forefinger to preserve the signal. Not exactly a sensible way to hold a small, slippery device which cost me £600. I don't use a case as no device should every require a case, it should work as sold.
  The vast majority of the population of the world live outside America, and yes, we're all finding Apple maps to be a train wreck.    Towns are either missing or in the wrong place. Street names are missing. There's no street view. Most local businesses are missing (in my area, for example, Apple maps only knows about ONE pizza place - there are in fact dozens). There's no transit information.  Satellite imagery is often either black and white, or so low resolution that...
That might be true in the US, but in the rest of the world Apple's maps are truly awful. In my own comparisons of iOS6 maps vs iOS5 around the UK I'll just say I'm very glad I still have an iOS 5 device.The difference is truly night and day.   Apple have a very long way to go to get their maps to an acceptable level. It may well take several years.
  I have a very long commute and the roads I use are prone to pretty apocalyptic congestion Fortunately there are multiple routes I can use, so I rely on a GPS app to tell me when the traffic is getting worse and re-route me if that would save me time. The savings can be considerable - often well over an hour. (as I said, my commute is currently crazy long)
  Fortunately Google have already released a YouTube app, and it's far superior to Apple's offering. Sadly it's iPhone only though.
I've just done an amusing side by side of Google Maps on my ancient now unsupported iPad 1, and my iPad 3 running Apple maps. I live in the UK, in a town, not a city.   I searched for 'pizza'. Google returned around 7-8 results. Apple returned 1.   I switched to satellite imagery. Google returned high res, crisp visuals. Apple returned something so blocky it would embarrass a VIC-20. My road was literally less than 10 pixels. It was comically bad, so terrible...
The CPU is the most interesting aspect of this to me, actually, the only interesting aspect. If it really is a Cortex A15, that would represent a huge leap in power over the old A9, but Apple were only claiming a 2x improvement.  The GPU is surely the same quad core chip from the iPad 3, and not the far more powerful Power VR Rogue. That will surely surface in the iPad 4...   Shame about the lack of NFC and the tiny screen size, but at least there's plenty of...
  So you want to ban me because I dared to disagree with you? Or because I dared to say that Apple have been making too many mistakes of late?  Oh how nice.    Given your incredibly confrontational stance on pretty much everything, and how you routinely wind people up to provoke a response it's truly staggering that you were made a mod. Then again, AA has articles written by DED, a fanboy so extreme he would make Gruber blush.
No surprise from the venom filled headline that this is another piece of fanboy nonsense from DED. So Apple now owns the copyright on not only rounded rectangles, but angular silver things too? This really is getting pathetic DED.
  Oh my, what a deeply unpleasant tirade of nastiness. The internet sadly brings out the very worst in people.   If you can possibly stay your unpleasantness for a few seconds, could you tell me which smart phone platform is currently in the lead? Is it iOS? It was my understanding that Android is currently quite far ahead. I realise that must be an uncomfortable fact, but a fact it is. So sorry.   I dread to think what rage I have summoned up, but if you could find it...
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