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With tablet sales in seemingly perpetual decline and Mac sales up, the trends do not support your argument.Irrelevant for now anyway, there are no pro level apps for CG art (my personal field) right now, so from my point of view, comparing a "pro" iPad to a PC is idiotic and pointless.
Sadly that is only true in the parallel world in which you live. In the real world, Zbrush is only on Windows and OS X.
Wow, get out of the wrong side of bed did you today? Feel better for having got your frothing at the mouth rant out?I've been in th games industry for a very long time and I have several friends who use Surface Pros as Zbrush sketch pads. Of course they're not going to use them for serious work, but for 3D doodling on a train they're fine.If you believe Zbrush and full photoshop will be ported to the iPad good for you. Enjoy living in your fantasy world.
"But Microsoft is now facing competition from iPad Pro, which offers a lower entry price with higher performance, tied to modern mobile app ecosystem." Other reviews of the iPad Pro have criticised it precisely because it's stuck with dumbed down mobile apps. Why would a pro want mobile apps? The MS Surface can run full fat Photoshop, as well as other pro apps such as Zbrush, Maya, 3DS Max, and Substance Painter.
Hori have an amazing heritage, but I agree his is visually rather lacking. Looks like a cheap knock off, which is the opposite of what Hori products have traditionally been. Still, it's not as ugly looking as the Nimbus, so I'll give it a shot if it ever comes to the UK. Ideally Apple should make their own Apple TV controller, and sell an Apple TV bundle with the controller included. Goes without saying too that it's incredibly early days on the gaming front for the ATV....
 What you are talking about would require a very significant amount of work from the devs. Why would they do that when they could just port the game to the PS4, Xbox One, Fire TV, or Android TV? It simply won't be worth their time, especially given the tiny numbers these micro consoles manage to shift. There are some games which would work, albeit very, very, very badly with the siri remote. There also plenty of others which would never work. As a result of Apple's idiotic...
Most games need sticks and buttons. These can be virtualised (badly) on an iPhone or iPad, but on an ATV remote there really is nowhere to go. This artificial limitation from Apple will greatly restrict which games will come to the platform. It's a foolish and shortsighted move, and one which I suspect will change before long. Either that, or if it does remain through sheer pig headedness, then game devs will simply stay away and direct their efforts towards the iPhone and...
Well done on spectacularly missing the point of iFixit. Hint: the clue is in the name.Apple should at least offer user upgradeable RAM. PCs are not telephones or VCRs. They're supposed to be upgradeable.
PS4 sales are 50% higher than PS2 sales were at this point in the cycle, and the PS2 was the most successful gaming device of all time.GTA V has sold more than 50 million units at £50 a pop after a £150,000,000 development spend.Belittle it and call it niche if you like, but gaming is a huge deal in every way imaginable. But as I say, enjoy your free to play casual junk if you like. I'll stick with Metal Gear Solid V.
Which people? Technically literate people? GPU power is measured in gigaflops. An Xbox 360's Xenos GPU runs at around 300gflops, whereas an A8 is around 175gflops. So slightly more than half the power of an X360.  Contrast that to a PS4, which comes in at 1800 gflops.  That's only a small part of the story though. CPU performance is still a big factor in gaming performance, as is RAM quantity and speed. Mobile GPUs are improving steadily, but to compare a low spec chip...
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