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You seriously think with less than a month before this product launches, they are still figuring out the screen illumination? They've been building these for months!!
I'm just waiting for my credit tube. I hear it's only 20 minutes away!  (If anyone gets this reference, you are an uber geek)
I wish Siri had the ability to do simple things offline... like set a timer, set an alarm, or launch an app. Not sure why those simple tasks an online connection. Is Siri a completely dumb client (basically a microphone to the cloud)? Is there no local processing going on?
There's a no-name line of impressively inexpensive 4K televisions on Amazon. But while the display panel is indeed 4K resolution, its HDMI 1.3 ports only supports 1080p, so it's internally uprezzing everything. I wonder if the Polaroid TVs will be doing the same. Can the most expensive part of a 4K display be the internals to handle 4K signals, and not the LCD planel itself?
Unless there is hardware decoding (which VP8 lacked), it's never going to take off. Software decoding burns through mobile batteries quicker than anything. There's already h265 ASICs in production, AFIAK.
Is it possible that there's one LED flash and one Xenon strobe?
I hate that Siri takes up the entire screen -- especially when I'm using Maps for turn-by-turn directions.
So your phone/tablet app tells the gadget to stream from a particular URL (your YouTube, Netflix or Google Play web address)? So it's like a tiny Roku?
What's preventing Chinese manufacturers from using this official guide from Apple to make knock-off chargers look even more authentic??
I thought he was fantastic. His digs at skeuomorphism were really funny. He seems much warmer, more easy going and more personable then Forstall.
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