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Last month ATT had a killer deal, 30GB for the price of 10.
I think the Nest does the same thing with multiple Protect units around your house acting as temperature sensors.
Naming writes? What about naming reads?
Name a movie where Seth Rogan isn't playing Seth Rogan. He doesn't really do "acting" or characters. Laid back stoner dude seems very far away from Woz's manic personality.
Uhhhhh... thanks Apple? Yawn. At least you give me the option to hide these new channels. I'm taking a wild guess and say these probably won't appeal to the average AppleInsider reader. An average cable subscription gets you a hundred channels, but how many does one actually watch? Can you imagine if every cable channel had an "app" on Apple TV? Wish Apple TV would have a TiVo-like search that can look across services and tell you if a show is on Netflix, Hulu, or over...
I'm sorry, but I believe you are incorrect. Check the chart at the bottom of this page. iPhone 6, 6+, iPad Air 2, Mini 3 and Apple Watch are the only devices that work with Apple Pay.https://www.apple.com/apple-pay/
Too many Gee Bees!
Well, I can almost guarantee it won't be A-GPS which gives iPhones such quick geolocating. It'll be the low energy (but extremely slow) GPS that hikers and boaters use. They usually take 30 seconds or so to lock location.
Seems like a monitor isn't enough to warrant centering an entire event title around it. Same with Apple TV (Which hasn't been updated in years). 
I've never understood the Bose & Beats hate. I think everyone can agree that Bose & Beats are no where near the best headphone makers out there. But I've always thought of them as the (air quotes) "Starbucks" of audio gear. Not the greatest, but certainly good enough for the average Joe and step above whatever mass market brand they are currently listening to.
New Posts  All Forums: