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Too many Gee Bees!
Well, I can almost guarantee it won't be A-GPS which gives iPhones such quick geolocating. It'll be the low energy (but extremely slow) GPS that hikers and boaters use. They usually take 30 seconds or so to lock location.
Seems like a monitor isn't enough to warrant centering an entire event title around it. Same with Apple TV (Which hasn't been updated in years). 
I've never understood the Bose & Beats hate. I think everyone can agree that Bose & Beats are no where near the best headphone makers out there. But I've always thought of them as the (air quotes) "Starbucks" of audio gear. Not the greatest, but certainly good enough for the average Joe and step above whatever mass market brand they are currently listening to.
Safari developers? The only Safari developer is Apple. And they have no control over sites that aren't designed to be memory efficient.
 Why? If GT's scientists and engineers couldn't hit their manufacturing targets, how would Apple ownership would change that? 
You really think Ive drives himself those two hours? Even lowly Apple employees in SF get driven to work by the Apple Bus. (And time on the bus counts toward your workday. So a two-hour commute would mean you only spend 6 hours at work.) And in Ive's case, I'm sure he has his own personal driver and vehicle.
So a mere WEEK before the next Apple Event, Apple decides to delay a product? Riiiiiiiight. I love all these analysts covering their butts by claiming has magically and conveniently changed their mind about a product mere days before it's supposed to launch. Not to mention their manufacturers would have been assembling them for months and months to build up enough inventory before launch.
 So the hundreds of millions of iPhones 5s/6/6+ doesn't count as large scale?? Oooookay.... 
Just a personal wish... I would love to see the Air have the option to bump up to 16GB of RAM max. The current 8GB max is just enough to make running a couple Adobe apps at once painful.
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