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Yes I did, and turning it off solved the problem. Thanks a million, It's been driving me crazy! Maybe you can explain why this happens on one computer and not the other, although both are configured pretty much the same. Seems weird to me. Also, I do want search friendly URL's. Is there a way to work around the issue? Again, thank you lots for helping me figuring out the problem!
Hi and thanks for assisting, Marvin. The web shop is on an external server and adding a product does not go to an https link.
I am working on two computers (iMac 27'' and MacBook Pro 17''), with almost identical software installed, updated to the latest releases. I have encountered a strange web browser problem tat I can't figure out and hope someone can help me with: I am currently testing a Joomla-based web shop on both computers, and when I try to put something in the cart, it works as it should on my iMac, but not on my MacBook, where I am redirected to a 404 page saying that the component...
New Posts  All Forums: