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UK based Apple fanboy here and proud of it šŸ˜Š
Feedback submitted. Crazy indeed.Ā  Ā  http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html
Those Samsung adverts done the trick then!
Those Samsung adverts done the trick then!
It will require an iPhone with Touch ID, not just the watch. I think that's for sure.Missing the holiday sales period is a bit of a disaster in my honest opinion.
I think he was talking about Miley Cyrus.
If any of this happened, the world would go into meltdown about how Apple missed another great opportunity
I don't think so. Eddy was lumbered with Maps after the less than spectacular launch. I'm pretty sure that he'd be happier with a lighter workload.I'm 52 but I still believe that music has a huge part to play in today's society. How it's delivered, and presented is as important as ever. It's got absolutely nothing to do with being cool as some people are implying. Microsoft have tried so hard over the years to appear cool that it's embarrassing: kids aren't dumb. It's all...
Personally, I think that Apple would benefit from having a dedicated SVP of Music, and I thinkĀ Iovine is the ideal choice. Not sure about the other guy. The first thing IovineĀ could do, is sort out iTunes, and the atrocious iOS music app.Ā Leave Eddie Cue to concentrate on the app stores and maps. Ā  Iā€™m sure there's value to Apple in the streaming service assuming that the licenses are transferable. There seems to be varying opinions on this. Ā  There is nothing to stop...
9to5Mac in making stuff up shocker.
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