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9to5Mac in making stuff up shocker.
Exactly. I don’t think Apple oppose the idea of a monitor per se (okay maybe a bit), it’s just the choice of monitor that is the problem.
No Control Center. No Touch ID. No Sale.
Kudos to whoever spent that much money to help a very worthy cause. Now imagine the buyers’ remorse if Apple released the Mac pro in red!
The place I’d love a really strong password above all else is iTunes and the App Store. Alas, iCloud Keychain won’t work there in OS X at the moment. So, I’ll have to stick with a 'memorable’ password.
Now that’s what I call innovation /s   Seriously, Microsoft released those offensive videos mocking Apple’s design process, then have the nerve to release this repackaged crap.
And Apple adopted Bing in iOS 7. Talk about bite the hand that feeds you. Sad, amateurish, desperate and disrespectful.
I’ll use it for checking Gmail. I’m struggling to see what the fuss is about to be honest.
So if this gets released in September will it be running iOS7? Hard to imagine Apple releasing a new iPad without it.
New Posts  All Forums: