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 That implies that they had to acquire Beats to ultimately offer Apple Music.  Not sure that is 100% true.  Certainly helped but Apple already had considerable clout in the music space.
On a somewhat related note, is there not a way to avoid toll roads, highways etc when navigating on Apple Maps?  I know it tells you when you are given a route that uses tolls and you could select an alternative.  But am I missing these options somewhere in the settings?
My wife and I set up family sharing with me as the family organizer. I Started downloading a bunch of songs she had purchased under her Apple ID. Worked for some but the rest now just appear "greyed out" in my Music app and won't play. Tried deleting them and downloading again but just gives me "unable to download song" errors. Any ideas?
My wife and I set up Family Sharing with me as the organizer. Once set up, I started downloading some of the music purchases she had made under her Apple ID account on to my phone. however, a lot of those songs are now "greyed out " on my phone and when I try to download them again it gives me an "unable to download song" error. Anyone had the same issue and found a solution? Thanks in advance for any help.
Flyover is a feature that I've never found a practical use for. Interest attempt to differentiate Apple Maps initially but I would guess it doesn't see a lot of use.
Just got my 6+ 64GB yesterday, having placed an order with my carrier on Sept 23.
Interesting leasing model. Like all leases the attractiveness of this deal depends on the buy-out option at the end as that drives the implicit interest rate you're paying. I can see how this could be attractive for small/medium business with ipad-equipped mobile workers, and you always want them to have a tablet no more than 2 years old. Takes the risk/hassle out of selling the tablets at the end of the 2 years and offers financing. Again - really depends on implicit...
  Google Maps is great. In my area, it has far more POI data that Apple Maps.  Also, turn-by-turn directions available on my iPhone 4.  Once I upgrade to 6+ in the coming weeks (provided it is ever in stock at my carrier) I'll give Apple Maps another shot but I'm guessing the POI data will keep me on Google Maps.  Just my opinion.
This seems to be a lot more about major retailers pushing back on credit card fees than trying to oppose Apple. ApplePay is just the last straw.
 As a nominal defendant Apple is not on the hook, as I understand it, however must be named for this to be a valid complaint.  This is about a shareholder saying the board/management didn't act in his best interests.  Seeing as he owns a part of the company, certainly seems right that he is able to take action against the board (who is supposed to represent shareholders) and "his" employees.  Other shareholders may disagree and of course choose not to participate.
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