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I think the analyst is missing the price spread between various GB capacities in each model in backing into the weighted average ASP reported by Apple, isn't he? Or did he already incorporate that in the prices shown in that simple table? Looks like he's only using the entry level price for each model.
Well they're all missing out because MS Excel is the greatest application ever written.
 Nope, the bug remains on both iPhone and iPad.  I'm sure iOS 7.1.2 won't let me down.
Hoping they've fixed the "Messages (Saved)" bug that takes up an enormous amount of space on my iPhone/iPad (about 4GB on each).  No amount of deleting message threads will remove it.
You'd be ok with being the one pulling the trigger?
All that matters is whether the shareholders think they are getting value for money. They're the ones paying Cook. If someone else can generate the same or better returns for cheaper (while stewarding the company the way that is acceptable to the shareholders) then that's the math they need to look at.
I'm glad that Apple put some focus on improving iPhone 4 performance, and I'm impressed they got that much improvement in the Messages app. But this is a great chart to show just how sluggish iPhone 4 performs on iOS 7.X to iOS 6.X.  Hopefully future 7.X iterations continue this trend.
Hopefully the performance improvements on iPhone 4 are significant.  It can't possibly get much worse without rendering the phone entirely inoperative.     Disappointed to see there is still no fix for the "Messages (Saved)" bug that takes up 3.6GB on my phone.  Deleting iMessage threads don't remove these "saved" messages for some reason.  Maybe iOS 7.2...
I can see this making sense if it addresses a market segment that otherwise will not (or cannot) purchase a 4s or greater and does not cannibalize the existing 4s and above sales.   Practically, I would think putting iOS 6 on it makes sense.  While that obviously dilutes their largely consistent iOS experience they offer across the iPhone portfolio, my iPhone 4 is so incredibly sluggish on iOS 7.  In hindsight I would've stuck with iOS 6.
I probably should've said "business details" as opposed to "business locations." For instance for finding the phone number for a local business.
New Posts  All Forums: