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TheApple case for the 5c doesn't look right...being able to partially see the writing "iPhone" on the back doesn't look very clean to me.
Hello,   I have an upcoming trip to the UK and I plan on getting a local SIM card to save on data costs.  Does anyone have any experience with how iMessage will work in that situation?  Will I still be able to send iMessages from my regular phone number despite having loaded a new SIM card with a new UK phone number?   Thanks in advance for any guidance and help.
I have this issue on my iPhone 4.  A reboot temporarily fixes the problem for me but reoccurs about once a day so far.
Believe me, I would like to use Apple Maps. But it is so incredibly lacking (at least in my area) for business data and the ability to find addresses. For me, Google Maps saves the day until Apple fixes things.
I just wish the Apple Maps trainwreck would get fixed.
Not really the right way to look at this. Unless MSFT had a strategic reason (they didn't) to continue to hold equity in AAPL then they were right to sell it. Sure, financially it would've paid off, but by selling the stake you can argue they freed up cash to return to their shareholders. Those MSFT shareholders could then make the decision whether they personally would invest in AAPL or not (many likely did).
Lots of interesting facts in the article. I know it is an editorial opinion piece but the whole tone of it seems to miss that Google/Samsung/Android OEMs/MSFT, just like Apple, is generally made up of some very smart people. I don't think many of us could march in there and start giving lessons about how they actually should run their businesses. Absolutely, they are executing different strategies, some of which will end in failure and some of which will be valuable.
I have a hard time believing this would end up being a major differentiation for the iPhone 5s unless it ended up being part of a mobile payment strategy.  But then again, if the pattern of iPhone 4 --> iPhone 4s is expected to roughly repeat, we shouldn't see much focus on hardware and most changes coming on the iOS side (e.g. Siri only available on the 4s)
  I agree with pretty much all of this (especially the lambasted part, so easy to get slammed on this forum if you don't toe the line) but at the same time Blackberry is the last company that is currently qualified to lecture others about timely innovation.  Certainly when it's yet to be seen how successful the uptake of BB10 will be. That said, I think there's neat UI tweaks in WP8 (live tiles, for example) and BB10 (Hub? can't remember what it's called but my friend...
Speaking only for myself, the northern Greater Toronto Area has been a real failure in my experiences with Apple Maps.  I absolutely have to use Google Maps for business info to get results (navigation is generally just fine with Apple Maps, though).  I would much much rather use Apple Maps if the data was decent, though.     I've also had a handful of issues in Florida and Washington DC but haven't used it there long enough to really draw a solid conclusion.  
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