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From what I can tell, the Home & Student version does NOT include Exchange support in Entourage. Only the "full" versions include Exchange support. I'm watching the Office discounts closely, as I'd like to have access to my work (Exchange) email on my Macs. I can access it on my iPhone, just not any of the actual computers! I thought I read that Office (Special Media) would be offered at $125 this weekend. That's what I'm watching for. I believe Microsoft themselves said...
You are able to open/view and save vCards in iPhone Mail now. I've done it many times, and it's very handy! I agree 100%, though, that being able to SEND contact info/vCards is key!In fact, it would also be great to be able to add contact info (phone number, email address, etc.) to an email or text message AS text (copy/paste?). In other words, let's make it fully functional!
MacRumors has superior coverage compared to all the other sites I've checked out so far (listed in this thread). If you can't get to it, link direct to: http://www.macrumorslive.com/ That might help!
Agreed = Titanium PowerBook, although I never had one. It was an amazing surprise. Didn't it "roll out" on a remote control cart? So cool.
Skip class?!
It Is Done!!!
That has generally been the case (skiers), but there are lot of kids starting out. A lot of it has to do with twin tipped skis, which are relatively new to market. Kids that are into that pretty much look like snowboarders on skis. It's interesting to see, for those that've been around since snowboarding was "new". The team videos would definitely be a marketing tool, but they could generate revenue through iTunes, which they've never done before. Wouldn't hurt? As...
Interesting question/point of view! I own a snowboard/skateboard shop. We sold the video mentioned in the article ("That") this season. We actually sell a LOT of DVDs every year (majority are 30-45 minutes), and we're what I would consider to be a small, and young, shop. Videos are a very, very large part of our industry. The "new" videos of the season generally come out late August/September, and sell contantly through the end of that year. In fact, in our shop, that...
I have a 20" of that version that I am not using. It developed the "half dark" screen (lower half), and I never had it repaired. I'd be happy to sell it to you. I'd imagine you could either have it repaired, or do it yourself for a reasonable amount. At the time (about 2.5 years ago) I was quoted $500 for Apple to open it up, and I had paid $1200 for it (new) just over a year before that (just out of warranty). I replaced it so I could get back to work. Not a great sales...
Price/features, otherwise, nothing is wrong.
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