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I understand that but leaving a cloud back up accessible with just password is problematic. Perhaps they need an alternate factor. They have the recovery code. if that's not effective, make another factor.
What is the point of getting an email or notification that someone is accessing a backup? What if I am asleep? Should accessing a cloud back-up just require the 2fa?
Small update - is 10.7 doing delta upgrades? or was that just iOS5? Re combo update - will be interesting to see when the AppStore offers 10.7.1 as the download. It's not a combo update but you could do a clean install with no update needed.
1) I really doubt that Apple creates different installation packages. For the sake of simplicity, I think they will continue to have one installer that they ship and it deals with different hardware. 2) When a HD crashes you have 2 options. If you have built a bootable installer DVD or Flash drive you put that in and go from there. If you don't have that then you have to go back to 10.6, reinstall, upgrade to 10.7 and then migrate from your time machine - assuming you...
Perhaps the faulty assumption is that the App Store will be the sole means to update. As long as you can mail order physical media rural folks are fine.
How much do these numbers mean? To me its like saying if you close Disneyland for the day you can ride a lot of rides without waiting in line. Your results will vary when we fill the park with people.
Maybe you need to learn how to post? Or are trying to be funny by putting words in my mouth that I did not say?? These forums are too confusing and jumbled for that. The problem with the green button is that it is so unpredictable. Like in Safari when I clicked it just now it made the window smaller and mostly off screen. In iTunes it toggles the size of the window in a set way. In Mail it made the window bigger. I never know what is going to happen when I click it....
I am really not as bothered with the color issue as I am with the way these tabs are indicated but I don't think color is as helpful as people here think it is. I used System 6 and I don't think we have that problem here. What I don't like is when the UI is all cutesy. I like the UI stuff to be clean, simple. And the red yellow green buttons are silly. The green button has been broken from day one. Same for the toolbar toggle - all of that is a mess.
Agreed. I liked the preview 2 tabs better. I like that the brightest one is selected. That makes the most sense to me and is very easy to read. I don't like this new look. I think the selected item is not clear. Preview 2 was a step forward. Preview 3 - big step back. Also, for all of you asking for color, here is one who disagrees. I don't think the color is helpful. It is noise and it is the first thing I turn off. I don't want my OS to entertain me, I want my...
Nothing wrong with more options and the competition is good for everyone. And if the Xoom has features the iPad lacks, why not communicate those?I just am not that impressed with the way Android on one hand copies Apple so intensely and then treats Apple like they are somehow doing something wrong. The iPad was the only good device out there last year. People didn't buy it because they were sheep, there was no other decent option. And if I remember correctly, it was just...
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