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The crazy policies were about blocking Google Voice and other apps, having very restrictive terms in how a native app could be developed, not allowing developers to communicate with each other. That stuff. They say success hides problems. It is because when some aspects of something work well it becomes hard to criticize things. But actually, you want to still pay attention to problems because that is what keeps you competitive. So don't freak out and assume that...
The iPhone has been out for three years. Apple should be able to meet any demand that exists by now. If they can't, that is called mismanagement. I think you are believing false hype. Apple did not change that much in terms of wrestling the control from the carrier. There were smart phone devices on the market already that carriers let ship as they were - the Palm Treo's being among them. Apple did start with a unique deal with ATT but by the time the 3G was shipped they...
US carriers are certainly competing with each other. The problem is that devices cannot be moved from one network to another - that is less efficient than it would be if that were not the case - but carriers do compete. It has an impact on competition but in most cases people are agreeing to a 2 year term, collecting a subsidy and then using the phone on the carrier for 2 years - so they contractually could not move anyway. Apple could have supported CDMA a long time ago...
I really hope Apple opens up and offers the iPhone to all carriers worldwide. if they are going to compete for market-share they should address every audience and not make arbitrary restrictions to growth. I also think to better compete with Android Apple should be will to offer a larger form factor - bigger screen. Maybe it is not Job's preference but the larger screen do seem attractive.
I played with one and found it good. I would rather have a WP7 than an Android. Android is annoying to me. WP7 was unfamiliar but decent. Things flowed well and what was there seemed to work well. The UI is very minimalist. I think that is a win for them. It also is not much like the iPhone and that is also good - good that they took off in a new direction. Hard to say how well it will do. Zune was a decent effort but badly marketed. I went into Bestbuy several...
He is totally right. The same way that people never will want to watch video on their iPod, that people don't read books so electronic books don't matter, that people don't care about the internet on their TV, that people want to buy not rent movies. Oh and maybe a 7" iPad may be too small but it might make a really nice iPod touch - now that makes perfect sense.
Honestly how do you even think stuff like this. Obama is clearly intelligent. If you disagree with him, fine, do so by all means just please stop deluding yourself. Oh and being elected to the Senate and then President is doing something with your life and they are also proper jobs. I think most would agree about that.
Any idea of how much the royalty stream is per year?
Why not just buy out MPEG LA, release H.264 for widespread use and be done with it?
Doubtful yet quietly praying.
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