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Yes every ER room has an O2 sensor, and they work well but this is still potentially very helpful. Consider someone on a cardiac reconditioning program after surgery or a heart attack. That person, and more importantly his Doctor or Physical Therapist might really really want good data about how the patient is performing. So you might have an app the person can use while working out anywhere that then uploads detailed data that professionals can review. If patient did...
I like the new machines but there is not much revolutionary about them. They seem like nice improvements. And he is right that Apple has to be more competitive in terms of pricing. If the white model was $800 that would be a big deal.
It's great if you like losing contacts and having all this junk inserted into your address book continually. I am still cleaning out "E-mail" whenever I find it. You better have some damn desperate reason to keep on Palm classic because that crap is well crap at this point. I mean, yes innovative - in 1995. Not much since then.
The video lady complains about the 2 gb memory on the MBP - that one is still airing. Very misleading.
I just want to say that when I use Safari and I scroll with my Oct 2009 Unibody MBP15 it's just not as smooth as my 5 year old machine. Things are not redrawing and rendering that well. Go into any Apple store open safari and scroll. You will see strange redraw effects - it sucks.
Agreed. Macs win for fit and finish and slim design but in general I agree with you. Apple should simple lower their prices. Take $300 off and they are competitive again. People will pay a premium for OSX and for a quality machine - its just that the differential is too high right now, in my opinion. I also agree that Windows 7 will offer more parity with OSX than we've seen for a while. Yes, we have heard the same story before but from many sources its evident that...
yeah sure, but then you can't get it in a store like Best Buy, Frys or Amazon. And every PC seems to have 4GB now. Sure you can argue that Macs don't need it but I kinda think they do now too. Apple always skimps on memory and its a hassle for the customer to work around that. There there are a few times that Macs ship with enough memory and its a godsend. Any MBP should have 4 GB.
Most people don't want to deal with adding memory from a 3rd party seller. I just went to 4GB and it cost $67 and a few minutes time, but most people don't want to bother. I for one hope Apple DOES respond to these ads by lowering prices and upping specs like memory. No question their stuff is better and ultimately a good value but its still in my opinion overpriced.
and the OS and all the great software that comes with it. it also has awesome build quality. Super slim and well-built.
Yeah no USB 3.0 and I totally need to throw my computer away that day. Macs do cost more upfront but at least you don't have to rebuild the OS every few months. That is what drives my PC friends nuts. Their computers just get slower and slower and crapped up with viruses so that they have to start all over again. That is a cost too buddy.
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