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These look quite good to me. less is more. I always wonder why with every video I watch I need to see that huge metallic control surface and that big round pause button - its annoying, get rid of it. Also, these look quite visible to me and actually why not make full screen controls and regular controls more consistent. The real thing I like here though is that we finally get a button for full-screen - that has been needed for a long time.
If they do allow localization to be added in real time that would be awesome. its currently a pain for developers to handle localization. Currently you have to either have several builds for each app in different languages or you have this massive download with all the localizations. its not great. so ideally an app would be embedded with a url to check a server for additional localizations at first or succeeding launch. localizations could then be updated...
1) seem like Palm apps are all in webkit, so the resources needed are not as great. 2) support bg tasks seems like it would require a boost in CPU. seems like iPhone just barely scrapes by with the current demand on the CPU.
Apple had a huge summer because of pent up demand for the 3g - which for some reason people had decided they had to have. Given that Apple has only been in the business one year, the fact that they put pressure on BB and forced them to come up with a new device is a big deal. Also note that Apple does not offer a device for Verizon. They would have more sales if they did.
I use MobileMe between iPhone and Powerbook - works fine for me. I am getting an amazing utility from it.
I had hoped that all the new systems would get the same mag-safe connector that have on the air - that one seems sleeker and less in the way. also if the glass trackpad is so great, why isn't it on the air.
I would much rather have google transit and walking added to the gmaps app than streetview. Streetview is a cool whiz bang feature but google transit support is actually a critical mobile app. Also, gmaps for other platforms, BB and Palm, have supported it for a while. I really could use gTransit support. Streetview is just another thing to play with.
they should do an ad that explains what is up with vista. how great they think it is, how they worked out the problems and they think its super safe and secure.
I think MSFT probably did put pressure on Apple but Apple was already talking about reduced margins at the last quarterly call. So I think they knew what coming before the rumors hit - and make the decision to change the offering a little while ago. Maybe some of the materials where not up to date with the change.
I find the new ad even stranger than the others with Seinfeld. At least with Seinfeld it was understood that they were trying to do something quirky and creative and it was creative. With these, I have no idea what to think about them. First, clearly it shows that they are bothered by the Apple ads to the point of referring to them. Ok, people in the industry recognize that but do they really want to take that frustration to the public? Second, the ad, while visually...
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