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Conservatives should support the use of the courts to enforce contracts - this is essential to protecting property rights, which conservatives support. Don't fault liberals for taking legal action. Corporations are happy to use the courts when it is in their interest. And as someone who has worked in corporate America, the threat of a lawsuit does in fact motivate companies to do a better more careful job in many cases. Did the lawsuits in this case have an impact on...
Maybe the 2.0 iPhone supports onboard GPS.
Your TV lacks component video inputs apparently. Those are the red, green blue ones. You need a composite cable (yellow for video; red and white for sound) not a component cable. Apple sells both versions. Component has better picture quality but its only an option if the tv supports it.
The active sync stuff looked amazing - I'd like to see the Mac side of that.
Its strange to me that this happened. At the show floor at MacWorld an Apple guy told me that they already had 1000 movies up there for rent, they were just being conservative. I can't imagine what wait is. You'd think they would be just ripping DVDs for now to fill the catalog.
Seems pretty simple to use a USB drive. Either use TM or MA and you are set. But Apple should not be promoting wireless migration if it does not work.
makes me wonder what the next macbook pro will look like... I wonder if there will be a generational lineage between the mba and the next mbp both are aluminum. that keyboard looks great, much more legible than the current mbp - why not use it? that screen, its very thin, nice curves, nice new hinge style, why not use that? Maybe all future metal macbooks will get similar treatment. of course we'd expect the bottom case to be thicker, to have a optical drive,...
No they are paying for access so that they can work on their software product and know that it still works with the new stuff. Mac developers don't fix the bugs, they just report them...(Ah I now read the others. Did not think it was a stupid question, for the record.)
I have no idea how common it is but it does happen to me. I close my laptop, it goes to sleep, go to another room and it has shutdown on its own. Maybe there is another explanation but my sense is that it had a momentary lose of power. I have no idea about corrosion, my point was that if the commenter is going to such trouble to assure the connection by adding that conductivity stuff, then its an acknowledgement that the connection to the battery is a point of...
Of course its not rubbish - the very fact that those products exist is an acknowledgement that oxidation can corrode the battery contacts and lead to a loss of conductivity. It is a point of failure that would be lessened by a more fixed connection. Take an older powerbook al, apply some flex and you may lose battery power - I don't think this would be the case with a soldered connector and a little cable that locked into place. Are replaceable batteries workable and...
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