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I have decided to not bother getting the new phone until I can use Apple Pay here in Canada which I hope will be soon!
Mine is working just fine.
But the Blue Jays were awful this season! :P
I'm being a bit picky I know but they weren't his "foster parents".
The 5s is sold out but Apple still not getting much love from the major networks. CNN says of Apple " Samsung is still eating your lunch!" I hope those sales figures that comes out tomorrow makes them all eat something different. LOL
I love Apple but not that much. LOL I'll wait a few days after the initial fuss is over, and the users reviews come in, before I buy the new phone.
It will take some time to get over this one...
Saw the movie and it was better than I had expected and Kutcher is not bad as Jobs but it is hard to forget his Kelso character. However the movie does feel incomplete with very little mention of Bill Gates, NeXT, etc. and non of Pixar, but I guess there is only so much they could put in one movie.
I would like all these activists go after clothing retailers for using manufacturers who conduct business under dangerous even deadly circumstances. http://qz.com/101965/after-1100-garment-factory-deaths-bangladeshi-clothing-exports-went-up/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-16639391
C is for crap
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