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I will watch "Jobs" when it hits Netflix.
I like to think it is high demand.
Stanford University holds a collection of Apple memorabilia but is yet to built a museum I believe. http://mashable.com/2011/12/29/apple-stanford-archive/ http://news.stanford.edu/pr/97/971119apple.html
Here is a bit of Samsung's iffy history with Korea's tax agency.http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/30/business/global/30samsung.html?_r=0
Nice to know with almost 600 people dead or missing in that garment factory building collapse in Bangadash that the NYTimes is working so hard to make the world a safer place for iPhones. I would have gladly overlooked their harassment of Apple had they worked just as hard to expose the hardships and dangerous working conditions suffered by garment works in Bamgladash and elsewhere. But nope, harassing Apple gets more attention and increases their readership more. Sorry...
Well those who likes Android will stick with Android and those who likes Apple will stick with Apple. It doesn't really matter how many different sizes of tablets Samsung makes.
So a middle aged graying old man gets much higher bids than the latest young hot celebs?! That's hilarious! I wonder if Steve Ballmer was one of the dates how high a bid he would get?!
Just past by the Microsoft Kiosk and there was not a single customer there but the Apple store is packed. Amidst all this good news no wonder Apple stock is falling so fast.
I am all for Apple going private as well. LOL
I would buy it!
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