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I love this idea but I would love it more If Apple could have it's own subscription service instead of the model it has now.
This explains why Apple's stock is down again. :P
They should start a stock buy back.
These analysts reminds me of an old aunt of mine who keeps preaching Armageddon is just around the corner ever since I could remember. I am getting old and grey and she still believes armageddon just around the corner. It will happen any day now! That is their attitude towards Apple. If they keep predicting doom and gloom long enough they must believe that one day they are sure to be proven right.
Is Samsung incapable of ever coming up with an original idea?!
I've seen the 4S for about $80 with contract (can't remember where ) and virgin mobile advertises them starting from $0. with contract of course. http://www.virginmobile.ca/en/phones/phones-summary.html?dType=deviceType_smartphone
The iPhone 4S is available free or for less than a $100 with contract. So I am not sure why they would even feel the need for lower quality phone.
Not everyone loves Samsung's bigger screens. I know someone who gave away his brand new Samsung S3 because he did not like the larger screen. Reverted back to his old Nokia. Hope this larger screen iPhone is just another unfounded rumour.
And quite a few were to me!
Got an Apple TV last weekend and it is fantastic!
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