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It's really cool that they named the street after Jobs. Perhaps in time they should name a street after Jony Ive too. . Thanks for the history lesson brlawyer.
Somebody tried asking Leonovo, HP, Samsung, etc. about their working conditions and was stone walled. http://articles.timesofindia.indiati...s-supply-chain
I think David Giuntoli would be perfect for the role.
I'm an RPN and every full timer works two weekends a month. New hires are all hired on a part-time or casual basis which means no one ever gets the opportunity to complain about too many work hours let alone over time.
Check out this article. I can hardly believe a tech magazine could get something so basic about Jobs so wrong. The article says he brew up an only child to a single mother. Obviously mixing him up with a certain someone else. Hopefully whoever is doing the script for the movie will do a better job of researching his life. http://gadgets.ndtv.com/shownews.asp...EWS&nid=192643
All I want to know about Apple's iBooks is why I can't get The Hunger Games trilogy. LOL
I say these guys are worth every penny although I do not agree with all their decisions.
Yep that's her. LOL
My own sister crashed through a glass door as a kid. And I saw a guy walk into a bus shelter that was made of glass. Neither broke anything however. Stuff always happens like that went you are not paying attention to where you are going or what's in front of you. This reminds me of the woman who sued a mall because she fell into a fountain.
New Posts  All Forums: