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Gotta love it when people comment based on a headline, without bothering to read even the first paragraph of the article.
Forget Cupertino; I'm curious to see how this can be applied on a larger scale to replace Oakland with something that doesn't smell so bad.
The title has been set appropriately, as it should have been from the start. That said, they would do well to avoid releasing betas with such garish gradients in the future.
Try "cites", perhaps, instead of "blames".
Odd. I've always thought it was sucking that killed them.
There is a well-known (to developers) feature of HTML5 that is designed to allow web applications to store data locally; it can be used for storing parts of the app (so you don't have to re-download them later), catalog data, big images -- whatever you want. Every browser has controls allowing you to delete this data. The fact that it performs exactly that function is hardly a bug. It's arguable that various (among different browsers) built-in size limits should be...
  Found one in Palo Alto yesterday -- they said I bought the last one. Ultimate model.
  That's what I'm wondering, too. No 27" on display in SF yet, just the 21".
The A6 uses Arm V7s; older models use Arm V7.
A senior VP from Apple is relegated to board member of an also-ran virtualization company? Also-ran is not the most disappointing part of the previous sentence.
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