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I think you're missing some details on the 13" Pro: the leaks to date suggest that it is not the same form-factor as the current lineup. While the resolution is unchanged, and it still has a DVD drive, the dimensions are notably smaller than the current 13" Pro, suggesting a nearly edge to edge screen display along with a case that's smaller in every dimension.
It was less than 30 minutes from the time they sent the email to the time they were sold out. Email: 7.01am PST Sold out: 7:27am PST Got mine, though :)
I really hope the date is wrong. It should have been in production for several weeks by now... I'm beyond anxious.
Pro tip: order it with engraving and the delivery date returns to March 16 (instead of shipping the 19th).
[Whom he had gotten to know. -Ed]
Tom Krazit doesn't know what he's talking about (shocker). IF apple made an OS for commodity PC hardware that it didn't also manufacture, then he might possibly have a point. No surprise here, folks -- they don't. No story.
It's far too late for Parallels to regain my business. - poor stability - non-existent support - ridiculous upgrade policies (you'd have had to purchase Parallels several times over by now to stay current, while my VMWare license, purchased for less than the price Parallels wanted to upgrade my buggy-as-heck first release, keeps going and going) No, thanks.
This study is unfortunately wrong. In my repeated testing, the iPhone 3G cannot sustain a network connection under identical conditions and location to the Nokia N95-3. I'm mostly concerned with uploads here, and the device simply cannot stream data for more than 30 seconds, where the N95-3 can go for literally hours.
Only if you fail to consider the meaning of the piece of paper that the noun refers to in the first place
I can't blame you for using something you didn't create, but God I hate lawyers. How the hell we could end up being saddled with a bullshit concoction like "summonsed" as a short for "issued a summons", when "summoned" would do just fine (and makes the speaker sound much less like an illiterate twit), is beyond me.
New Posts  All Forums: