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Very good tips -- thank you.
My AC adaptor stopped working in the first couple of days. They swapped it out for me early last week; I didn't even have to see a genius -- it took about 3 minutes of waiting while he went and fetched one. I didn't realize others had talked about similar problems.
I've been running Vista on Boot Camp since last summer. This report has no credibility.
Sales *always* spike during the Christmas quarter. This is not actually uncovering something noteworthy, though that's hardly surprising for an analyst's report.
PC guys... that's scary; he has no idea what is about to happen.
Mac Pro failed to update. 2.66 with 2GB of Apple RAM and the X1900XT upgrade from Apple. It just beeps rather than displaying a progress bar, and relaunches the firmware update when it reboots, prompting you to repeat the process. Tried it 4 times. I'm done with trying it for now.
I think it's mostly about color. The best tier for color selection happens to be the model that's selling the most. If the nano hadn't already been black then the black 8GB might have held more allure. As it is, not so much, and often quite the opposite. People missed having color choices, and now those are back, but not in the 8GB model. What's surprising about any of this?
Pub? PUB?! For about three days I had no idea what you guys were talking about, because there was no connection to any sort of Pub in the story. News flash: nobody, and I mean NOBODY, calls a publication a "pub". A pub is a place to have a drink, pick up ladies (or men, as the case may be), and otherwise have a good time. That was a really stupid headline. Please don't screw up "pub" again. Thanks.
Out of sight is a good solution. I use a reasonably good-looking USB hub with mine tucked beneath and a little behind the display, mostly for capacity but accessibility is nice too. I wouldn't really want holes (and the plugs / cords while in use) on the front of my iMac. Or the side.
New Posts  All Forums: