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Yep according to Anand, it's a simple drop-in. They won't even have a new chipset ready until next year. I'm expecting it'll be fully supported -- much like the Pentium 4 dual-core upgrade *should* have been supported by existing chipsets, but at the time the chipsets just weren't designed to handle it (unlike the AMD ones which took it in stride). The chipset that did support dual core P4s were very little changed from their predecessors, and it appears that this time...
Are you willing to sacrifice mobility for a better (and larger) screen, more comfortable setup, and somewhat better performance all at a lower price? If so the iMac makes alot of sense. Conversely, how much do you value expandability? The MacBook, ironically, is the more expandable of the two, with the XpressCard slot. If that (combined with mobility) is more important than the items in the first paragraph then the MacBook makes more sense. I don't place much value on...
I don't think your sample size is large enough. The Pentium M is a formidable chip, given the right amount of RAM and decent components. Clock for clock it's a very strong contender, and taking power consideration into account it's posted the best general performance per watt of anything up until the Core Duo. It's because the Pentium M was so strong of an architecture relative to the Pentium 4 that the Pentium 4 is being de-emphasized in favor of the Pentium M...
You're right that it's replacing Centrino, but that is not all it's doing. It also is being put to use in Intel's new VIIV media center designation. It is not and has never been just a laptop chip.
I haven't had any problems using Photoshop CS in that manner. It's rather slow to launch, but once open it works fine for general web development use. Not as snappy as native for sure, but sufficient so long as it's not your primary app (I'd be annoyed if my sole job was photoshop use).
Mighty Mice?
Intel's VIIV brand (coming to a PC near you real soon now) will feature Core Duo as a typical processor in the small form factor implementations (especially the entertainment-system-style living room boxes) from various manufacturers. Apple was just first out the gate with it.
This review includes several redundant examples citing what happens if you try to run a computer with insufficient RAM for the chosen tasks, and doesn't answer the obvious next question of performance evaluation once the RAM problem is addressed. When it became clear that the computer was not performing nearly as expected with the chosen load, the sensible course of action would be to increase the memory and then re-evaluate, making it clear what was required in order to...
I'd wait a little while and buy whatever Intel Mini is released, perhaps. Then drop in a Core Duo in place of the Core Solo it's likely to have -- probably by then there will be *some* sort of native Windows solution as well (virtual machine or dual boot).
I haven't noticed any need to do this. It might be something that varies with the individual. I didn't use one for long, but it seemed fine.
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