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Wow that price has gone up. I'm glad I bought mine the week after launch. BTO RAM is looking better and better.
Intel's 32 bit chips have typically addressed up to 4GB. One caveat may be physical space. RAM is a very tight fit in these new iMacs, and sometimes the largest ram capacities require slightly more clearance in one dimension or another.
I used to use that cooler on the 6800 Ultra in my G5 -- terrific addition.
I think you have those backwards. US $1 was worth Cdn $1.60 but now is only worth Cdn $1.14. Right? If you change "now/was worth" to "used to cost / costs", then your original post makes sense
Apparently it is going to, at least partially. It hasn't been released yet, but it is stated to be coming (for the X1000-series GPUs). Encoding and transcoding. Of course having chips that support it, and having Mac drivers that actually use the feature, are two different things.It looks like ATI expects to be able to use the GPU to make the process substantially faster, by taking the things like in-loop deblocking, motion compensation and inverse transform and shunting...
Ugh. Flash 8 nuked your native player. For now you should be able to launch Safari in Rosetta mode (Get Info on Safari and check "open in rosetta") in order to use it. But Flash will be slow that way. You need to uninstall that gimped ppc version of flash player and get the original intel player back in place. I can't help with the flash 8 uninstall, but anyone with a new imac ought to be able to mail you the flash plugin for safari.
Yep. I am running it now (beta version for testing) -- works great on my iMac DC. Check their site tomorrow.
Hmm. What are some good handbrake settings to use for some tests? I'm also curious about a perfect PSP setting for, you know, when I'm not *cough* testing.
Yep, PPC. I don't hold any hope of ever seeing an MX 2004 app run natively, much as I wish otherwise. But that's a good reason for me to get MTASC running on my new iMac, so I can compile flash from there instead (which I have to do alot of).
It was the latest patch for Dreamweaver MX 2004, and it was tested with 1GB (2*512).
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