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Ran UT 2003 Demo, the football match, most options set to low, max screen size (still only 1024). Average frames were in the 20s-30, occasional peaks to 40+, firefights mostly getting mid to high teens. Not really something I'd play alot with that performance (as someone who used to admin the OGL Instagib ladders for UT back in the day :o), but fun for some fragging.
I did this, and it booted in text mode (with lots scrolling by), but it still ended up at the login screen very rapidly.
Some World of Warcraft screenshots running under Rosetta. Most of these shots were with settings middle to high quality (generally also with 2X antialiasing), and all were at the native iMac 20" resolution of 1680 * 1050. Running under emulation is doable and entertaining, provided you avoid lagfest areas. high-ish frame rates in some places, but... it can get pretty low in Lagforge nice image quality gates of Ironforge
I don't use Dreamweaver very much at all, so I can't compare it to other platforms. It did launch just fine, and seems to be performing at a usable speed. Not what I'd call snappy, but I've never called Dreamweaver snappy I was able to make a few pages, do some split window coding, make a spiffy CSS page... all seemed quite workable, although It could be better.
We reported those under-20-second intel boot times from chime to login window though. It's more than that if you go straight to the desktop, and more still if you measure from power-on. Login window is one way to help limit login items changing from machine to machine for better consistency.
It runs very well -- I'm pleased. It's been left running for over 24 hours now with a project (200+ files) open, and it still is snappy and responsive. To get it running required using a patch posted to bugzilla, which just replaced one of the files. The file link is here, and to use it you just delete the current swt carbon file (with a similar filename) in the plugins folder, and drop this one in instead. That's the only native item in Eclipse (SWT) -- the rest is Java,...
Tried that, still crashes out after a little while. Time to try Adium or something else...
Be my guest it's a mac.com address (same name as forum id).
Code:/usr/standalone/i386 michael$ ls -la total 224 dr-xr-xr-x 3 root wheel 102 Jan 4 07:11 . drwxr-xr-x 4 root wheel 136 Jan 3 22:10 .. -r-xr-xr-x 1 root wheel 113780 Dec 25 01:56 boot.efi ...that's a binary file, cat is semi-useless with it. Though it did dump some ascii error codes... [Anders edit: The test screwed up the formatting. The text is in my post below as a .txt document uf anyone is interested]I don't know what the first part means (sorry...
It does. The camera icon on the front panel includes "Built-in iSight" as an option in the drop-down box. UT 2003 was playable with Rosetta (at reduced settings) but on the slow end of that range. I'd say 20-30FPS, though I have forgotten the command to show the fps. I had to turn off quite a bit to make it work reasonably well, not knowing which options are CPU-affecting items and which aren't (meaning it could probably be made to work with better options if you figure...
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