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I found my first misbehaving app: Yahoo Messenger. It launches and runs fine, but eventually it turns into a runaway process, chewing significant CPU for some period of time before crashing. Yahoo! Messenger for Mac OS X Version 2.5.3 (Build 1062) (ps: MySQL native build was a success. Wahoo!)
A teaser about java performance doing ant builds from Eclipse (using Java 1.5.0 on both machines): Compiling 92 java files and building a schema for MySQL.... iMac Core Duo (2.0 GHz, 512MB RAM) vs. IBM Thinkpad T43 (2.0 GHz Pentium M, 2GB RAM, power set to max performance): iMac: 5 seconds IBM: 8 seconds ..this is after repeating the task several times on both machines. Very reproducible. Building MySQL in a terminal session (trying to make a native build...
Architecture, speed, and compiler are the main reasons for improvement I'd say. No broken apps so far (knock on wood)... I did check to see if the iMac could handle Centrino-spec DDR2/533 RAM. No go darn. Unusual for an Intel chipset to not handle slower RAM, but not at all unusual for Apple so I guess that's about what one would expect.
After picking up my new 20" iMac on Saturday afternoon, I've had some time to get some good usage in and get a feel for its performance. Some notes so far: This thing is Quiet. If there is any ambient noise, I can't hear the machine. If the room is completely silent, I can hear a faint, low frequency hum from the bottom front of the machine if I'm close to it. Very nice. Easily the quietest non-handheld machine I have ever owned, Mac or PC (including PowerBooks). My...
Expose and Dashboard are silky smooth so far across both monitors I haven't played any HD videos since I hooked up the second monitor. I'll post if I find anything that runs me out of video ram and makes things choppy.
Meh. It looks like my iMac has a bad DVD drive. It can read CDs fine, but it can't mount DVDs. Tried both of the supplied system discs plus a movie DVD, and none mount (all work fine in a powerbook). I'll probably have to take it in. I'll just have them swap out the machine if I do.
I picked up a mini-DVI cable today and hooked up my Gateway 21" widescreen display. This image (crappy cellphone cam -- sorry) is showing the iMac doing spanning, with both displays set to 1680 * 1050 (native for each).
Typing this on my new iMac 20" Core Duo 2.0
Okay, I currently have some Google Maps mashups open in Safari (we're doing real-estate searches), with iTunes streaming CBC Radio 3, and I played the X-Men 3 trailer in 1080P, zoomed to fit width (it was too large otherwise). CPUs were evenly loaded, and ranged between 25-50% usage while all this was going on. No frame drops were visible. Scrubbing was smooth. I don't have QT Pro.
I just unwrapped my new iMac Core Duo (20"), so if anyone would like something specific tested, give a yell. Caveat: It will have only 512MB for the next two days (Newegg time...). Picked it up from one of the local Apple Stores. Seems most stores got in at least a couple (I have been calling several bay area stores checking regularly), but most are simply putting them on display. Finally found a small store (which might have helped since they have limited shelf pace)...
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