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Right. They were. And then they released PowerPC-based desktops, and called them PowerMacs. At which point you had: desktop: PowerMac portable: PowerBook ... and both became forever linked to the PowerPC name. Origin, folks, does not exempt one from evolution or history. Regardless of how it started, Power evolved as a name to imply a link to the PowerPC.
I got my wife's MacBook on order within 5 minutes of the site returning, and my father-in-law's within a few minutes of that. Wife's is replacing a PB G4 1.25, and f-i-l is replacing a 6 year old HP laptop (will be his first Mac, though he spends most of his computing time on my mother in law's iMac G5, heh).
For a few more days
I'd return it. I almost had a similar story to tell. My father in law wanted his first Mac, and I thought he wanted an iMac, so I was going to take him to the local Apple store while we were visiting them over the holidays. Turns out he really wanted a portable, and I wouldn't let him buy one, reasoning that the Intel versions were due soon, and the G4 was so overdue for replacement that it would be a miserable choice to make right then, given the guaranteed massive...
I wish the new iMac sported an ExpressCard slot
It's just a move to: 1) an industry standard size (15.4" are all the rage now, and 1440*900 is common) 2) a better panel overall There's no conspiracy, and it's still a wicked high resolution for a 15.4" screen. Not so squinty as the 1650 models.
No Native Graphics Support = No purchase. The most significant update ever (aside from actually running on the computers), and the only reason I wanted this version - which was expected to restore this once-present but long-missing feature. And after all these delays, they didn't even include it. What the heck took them so long if it wasn't to improve the product? Unbelievable.
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