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And yet, apple employees still live paycheck to paycheck with only a 3% "Cost of living" increase.    Since when did inflation only grow 3% year?
Apple is a hardware company, not a software company. They use software to lure you into buying new hardware. Weather it's left out features or bloated eye-candy that demands a faster CPU.   Move over Micro$oft, we have a new "Big Brother"
Am I really suppose to care about a bunch or rich people fighting over more money. 
Wow, I'm going to fill my Zune up with music and head over to the Microsoft Store now and get inline. :|
The more 3rd party software to choose from the better. Especially since Apple doesn't seem to care about their pro users anymore. 
The best thing about the little guy is they treat you a lot better. https://play.google.com/store/search?q=The+RainDoggs
So they stole from Google's Chrome? Nice. It looks like Apple has reached it's peak with Snow Leopard and will not start taking features away until the Mac is as useless as an iPad. Wake up GOOGLE!!!! Time to make an OS worthy of taking over OSX and Windows.
With the way Apple has dropped support for iWeb, and changed the way iWork auto saves a million versions with no "save as" option. Not to mention distorting Final cut pro, address book and iCal, I no longer trust them. I will not pay a yearly fee, give them all my music so in five years they change their mind i find myself having to choose loosing my music or buy the full download or whatever they change.
Why do you need and iPad app when the iPad screen is just as big as most websites? Stupid article.
AT&T, Verizon and Sprint Towers in each Apple Store? Them poor kids will have brain cancer by the time they're 30.
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