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This would be tremendously useful in the big box stores.  The ones where you can't find anything, including anyone to ask.   Imagine the time it'd save.   It would also be very helpful if it saw you were heading towards the checkouts, and buzzed "hey don't forget these items on your list".   As for the marketing and privacy sides of it... not so much.  If it regularly buzzes ads for things I don't buy (with no way to bypass) I'll delete the app.  If it forces invasive...
  Well, sir, IIRC this was just before Sculley got dismissed from Apple.  Not to mention it's a Bad Thing for non-politicians to be playing with politics in the first place.   Too bad moderators can't be blocked.  indeed.
Remember when John Sculley attended that State of the Union address in the early 1990's?   Nothing good ever comes from things like this.
As per usual, MS stands back, takes a long hard look at things, and makes precisely the WRONG move!   They fired the wrong Steve, by miles.  Surely Gates knows better, and can see the nonstop trail of wreckage that Ballmer has left.   All in all this is great for Apple.  But it kinda takes the fun out of things when your competitors kill themselves.
Please offer a BTO option for museum glass.   Will buy three on the spot if Apple offers it.
  Depends.  If he approached Apple, and either got stonewalled or laughed at, well then one needs to take further action.   That said, people do run to their attorneys first.  Experienced it personally: I inadvertently used some copyrighted text in an app.  Rather than approach me and ask reasonably (they had a fair claim, I would've gladly worked with them), the copyright holder sent their attorney straight in, with threats of eight-figure damages if the app wasn't...
  Really?  There's a reason white has long been the choice of many fleets: it's easy to keep clean, and it doesn't show the dents (you'd be amazed at the amount of body damage and hack repairs that can be hidden in white).  It's much lower maintenance than black.   Oh, not having your vehicle be a rolling oven in the summer is a nice side benefit. :)
Wonder what they're using for a protective case.   There's a reason many restaurant menus are laminated...
  Or Apple's own retail stores?   Hmm... use an Android to buy an iPhone... :)
It'll be appealed.   Nobody, no matter how damning the evidence, is just going to roll over & fork out $1 billion.  They're going to exhaust all possible routes first.
New Posts  All Forums: