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People should look at this story on Macrumors. They seem to have much better reporting than Appleinsider lately.
That's stupid. Look at the passbook app for example, very flat and simple. Compare it on an iPhone 3GS and iPhone 5. The differences are huge.
I'm trying to work out why Appleinsider have used a mockup image of the iPad mini when it was announced in October? Pretty poor that they can't even use an image of an actual iPad mini when that's what the article is about.
Very respectful of Apple to do this. I cannot believe it has been a year. Steve's work will love on forever. As someone else said, although I was never lucky enough to have met/known him, when I heard that he passed away, I also felt I had lost a friend. To this day, when I think about it, I still get upset. Thank you Steve for everything you have done. Rest in peace.
There are 3 reasons why I don't believe it is the real box:1. It says 'The new iPhone' instead of just 'iPhone'.2. There is no passbook app3. The native YouTube app is there.
I was always unsure whether it would be the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 or just iPhone. Looks like it may be called iPhone 5 If it is iPhone 5, I'm glad they are carrying on with the numbering.
Very happy that justice has been served. Well done Apple! Up yours samscum!
When I choose 'most recent' it shows all the stories that Facebook shows on my desktop computer....
But the iPhone 4S came out in October and still got a A5 from the iPad 2.
Siri was actually acquired on April 27th 2010, not 2011 as this article says.
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