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Also what happened to MacPaint?
I use to be able to print 4-6 pictures on the same page but no longer. I've done something wrong? OS 10.8.4 on MacBook
After reading Insider tricks I was able to get my iPhone cleaned up but did encounter Exchange contacts and thought I just post my final sequence. I would credit my original source but I can't find where or who I got it from. To you THANKS. 1. If the Contact entries that you want to keep is on the Computer (MacBook in my case), go ahead and weed out all unwanted entries as well as making corrections. At this stage you , save/backup as vCards. This means that the only...
When an email arrives, let's say I click on a web site link. Normally a new page displays at the same size as the Mail page. Suddenly the new page displays at about half size, a size which cannot be changed, nor does it have the familiar red, yellow green icons. The only way to alter this new page is to "cancel" it. I have no idea what I did to deserve this, a goof up perhaps or is this something new?
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