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I just went to the Knox store in Dallas (which opens at 8 AM every day) and no one was there waiting for the new iPad Mini. Someone who works for Apple was walking in and after checking inside, he let me know that there we no units available and when the store did receive units, that they are strictly doing in-store pickup only. So none available to people just walking into the stores. He said to just keep checking online today/this week.
  I hope you realize that will never, and should never happen. That's how you grow brand recognition. Why even have a logo if you're not even going to put it on your products?
  I thought they kept the iPhone 4 around because they reduced the storage to 8GB and by then (almost a whole year later) the parts were cheaper and they could afford to lower the price in order to differentiate it.
  You just proved my point. The iPad 2 is still available because it is able to be differentiated from the "iPad with Retina Display". The iPad 3 cannot and therefore the iPad 4th gen is not a substantial update.
  In your opinion what do you think they will call the next generation iPad? I think that the "iPad with retina display" tagname is confusing for the average consumer. They won't know what's new because they're uninformed. Everyone knew what the "new iPad" was of course because, well, it was new and was different than "iPad 2".   Do you think they will call the 5th Gen iPad "the new iPad" again?
  There's always a speed bump. But usually there's substantially something else as well.   iPad 1 --> iPad 2   New form factor, added a camera, new generation processor, double the RAM, less weight, smaller in all dimensions   iPad 2 --> iPad 3   Retina display, 1 GB RAM, improved cameras, 4G, improved bluetooth, voice dictation   iPad 3 --> iPad 4   Lightning connector, twice as fast, improved front camera, same form factor, same weight, same size   Isn't it telling that...
  http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=%5EDJI   That says it all for Apple's stock. I don't believe the stock went down because of this product announcement. Do investors really think this product won't sell like crazy? No way.
This thing will sell like crazy in Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea. This will make sales seem even better than you'll expect. I don't see these selling out like crazy but I do think they'll sell really well. You can walk in to any Apple Store in Dallas right now and pick up an iPhone 5 so it's not like those are just crazy out of stock like people think. Still the best selling phone ever, though.
  The mini is overpriced to make it seem superior to the iPod touch. There's no way they could enter it at the same price point as the iPod touch. To the average, uninformed consumer, they would ask questions as to why they should buy the iPod touch rather than the iPad mini. Of course, most of us know why (retina display, faster, more storage) but all the consumer sees is bigger and better (in their eyes).
  Spill the details....link?   Update: I went ahead and tried to chat with AT&T myself. Told them I was a long-time customer and that I had been told other AT&T customers were getting their $36 upgrade fees refunded. He went ahead and credited our account the full $72+tax for two upgrade fees. We bought the phones on the first day of pre-order and received them on Sept 21. So it doesn't seem to matter when you ask them for a credit on your account.
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