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  Do you know how to add custom words/shortcuts in your personal dictionary on your phone to avoid that annoying problem? I had similar issues until I realized I could do this.     1. Settings 2. General 3. Keyboard 4. Scroll down to "Shortcuts" 5. Click on "Add New Shortcut..." 6. For the "Phrase" enter: "3D" 7. You don't have to enter anything in the "Shortcut" field. 8. Click on Save.
Update: I restarted my phone and went back to my shortcuts to find a new button where my shortcuts used to be listed that opens up a searchable and sortable list of all of the shortcuts I was previously attempting to add
I talked to someone with an iPhone 4S with iOS 6 and he said he has no problem. So maybe it's iPhone 4 specific
So I knew you could add your own words and shortcuts to your dictionary in older iOS versions but I never bothered until now. I just upgraded to iOS 6 on my iPhone 4 and I was poking around to see if anything had changed in the way you input custom words/shortcuts.   As a refresher, to add a shortcut phrase or to add new words to your personal dictionary....   1. Settings 2. General 3. Keyboard 4. Scroll down to "Shortcuts" and you should see "omw" or "On...
I don't want widgets or live tiles because that's just something else I wouldn't use that would eat up more battery life.
Does Apple have a patent on the lightning-to-30 pin adapter? If not, and if the parts are really that cheap, then companies will be able to produce it and sell it for $10. I'm wary of the adapters that are being "pre-sold" and will probably wait until people have time to run tests on them to compare or take them apart.
I went to the Dallas North Park Apple store this morning to check it out at about 7:45 AM and the line was about 150 people long just eyeballing it.
  Okay that makes sense. Thanks!
Can someone explain why I have to clear 2.7 GB on my new iPad in order to download the new software which is less than 1 GB?
Dang I need to clear up 2.4 GB on my iPhone 4 and clear 2.7 GB on my third-gen iPad. Both of which are completely full
New Posts  All Forums: