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Anyone else surprised Apple hasn't instantly fixed this specific mistake on "315 e 15th st ny" ? I just tried it on my iPhone 5 and it was still showing the wrong address. Once Apple fixes it, the advertisement doesn't even make sense any more. Not that Motorola is really threatening any iPhone sales with this but still.
Yeah I agree an "Add to Dictionary" button should be here by now, though.
  Are all fast food companies also gouging their customers? I'm not a fast food pricing expert but I am pretty sure it doesn't cost McDonald's more than $0.05 to make a large fry that they sell for $2.19 or whatever.
  Do you know how to add custom words/shortcuts in your personal dictionary on your phone to avoid that annoying problem? I had similar issues until I realized I could do this.     1. Settings 2. General 3. Keyboard 4. Scroll down to "Shortcuts" 5. Click on "Add New Shortcut..." 6. For the "Phrase" enter: "3D" 7. You don't have to enter anything in the "Shortcut" field. 8. Click on Save.
Update: I restarted my phone and went back to my shortcuts to find a new button where my shortcuts used to be listed that opens up a searchable and sortable list of all of the shortcuts I was previously attempting to add
I talked to someone with an iPhone 4S with iOS 6 and he said he has no problem. So maybe it's iPhone 4 specific
So I knew you could add your own words and shortcuts to your dictionary in older iOS versions but I never bothered until now. I just upgraded to iOS 6 on my iPhone 4 and I was poking around to see if anything had changed in the way you input custom words/shortcuts.   As a refresher, to add a shortcut phrase or to add new words to your personal dictionary....   1. Settings 2. General 3. Keyboard 4. Scroll down to "Shortcuts" and you should see "omw" or "On...
I don't want widgets or live tiles because that's just something else I wouldn't use that would eat up more battery life.
Does Apple have a patent on the lightning-to-30 pin adapter? If not, and if the parts are really that cheap, then companies will be able to produce it and sell it for $10. I'm wary of the adapters that are being "pre-sold" and will probably wait until people have time to run tests on them to compare or take them apart.
I went to the Dallas North Park Apple store this morning to check it out at about 7:45 AM and the line was about 150 people long just eyeballing it.
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