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haha that's awesome. I could see it definitely going down like that
It would be hilarious to sit down with Tim Cook or whoever the person is who put the invitation together and dissect it like we have done on here. It would be very interesting.
Oh look Apple is not going to do anything radical...didn't see that coming. And the invitation most likely does not have any hidden meanings, we just love to theorize
Brutus009, what do you think is reality and what's your basis for your prediction? Because I'm pretty sure no one knows the truth. We will all just have to wait and see
I don't think it would be a good business move to only have cellular telephony models. Don't most people buy the Wifi only model? I am saying pretty low chances on discontinuing the Wifi only model, right?
Well he could be including the sale of his iPad as the "profit" but either way, I'm pretty sure he just means he will have money left over.
How can you believe this document is legit if they still have the iPad 2 price starting at $499? Can someone explain? After an entire year Apple wouldn't sell an old model for the same price it was last year. I feel like this year will be the same as any other. They will knock the price of the iPad 2 a little bit and introduce the iPad 3 at $499 for 16GB+Wifi. I have not purchased in iPad in the past because it seemed like every time I convinced myself I could...
New Posts  All Forums: