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I like the idea. at up to $40 I would get the leather one in an instant $70 makes me pause.
  On the passcode lock page there is an option to allow/disallow siri access when the device is locked. And for a number of functions you are asked the passcode before you are shown the results of the request. Maybe 'show my info' should do that? 
I think its a   .1 update because there are a number of API changes such as that an app can now ask for points of interest at a location and other stuff like that. The .0.1 updates don't have new APIs.   One thing I have seen is some updates to the music app and the music controls on the lock screen. check out the volume control knob on that - the reflections on the faux metal move as you move the phone about! 
  Looks like apple were planning on notification centre before that .. before the release of the first android phone in fact...    http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/08/09/18/potential_iphone_usability_and_interface_improvements.html
New Posts  All Forums: