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She should get a laptop or iPad.
In ex-ussr countries SUVs are still referred to as Jeeps. One says e.g. Mitsubishi Jeep, Toyota Jeep.."look how big this Jeep is. " etc.
I can totally understand Jobs.
Totally this Do you think we are the same person?
There is a high probability next year's iPad will be slimmer because it's probable the A6 will use a smaller manufacturing process + IGZO screen which both lead to higher energy efficiency. I think Apple is ok with the 10h battery life and would rather push for a slimmer and/or lighter device.
I have good battery life also. I have brightness at 50% auto and using it quite intensely because I have all day to play. It's now 1:20am and battery is still at 32%. My eyes need to rest :/ You can't drain the bat in one day except you are on sugar.
@myapplelove: http://forums.appleinsider.com/showp...6&postcount=49
Yes, as the charge function is nonlinear, it flattens progressively the more the cells are charged. It's just physics.http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/a..._ion_batteries
I'm new to Apple and i'm surprised how much people care about Apple products, analyzing everything. I think it's kinda adorable Greetings from a soon to be iPad(3) owner.
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