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The recovery partition is actually about 650MB.
Mountain Lion requires 8GB and iWork weighs about 822MB once install. If we round it up to 9GB on the smallest 64GB MacBook Air it would occupy about 14% of the total storage.
A strong WiFi connection does not mean you are connected to the internet. You can be connected to a wifi router to exchange files around computers, phones and tablet, without needing a connection to the internet.
In a very near future, RAM will not be as important as it used to be. Of course this is a Pro machine, and pro apps do better with more RAM. But as developers become better and technologies become better integrated, as well as with the help of SSD, software will require less RAM to do the same work. And disk swapping (when ram is full and the software uses memory on the disk) on an SSD is almost seamless, and will become more seamless as they get speedier. Who know, RAM...
C'mon man... you just don't like change. Get used to it because it'll happen all the time.
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