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I will not put up with being called a lyre when I KNOW what I am talking about.... GOOD BY!!! Good luck
No need to respond I'm done with Apple insider...
I can see you haven't read it....
It is astounding to me how little recognition Steve Wozniak gets in these discussions. There would be no Apple/Mac computers without him. Steve Wozniak (Woz) is the real mastermind behind 90% of all the technology we use today from not only Apple but ALL computers! He invented the keyboard / monitor interface using a TV for heaven’s sake! He invented the mouse. He put color on the screen. He made it possible to go on the internet. He invented the touch tone phone. He even...
My speed runs about the same... I was just looking through my log files with my "System Status" App and noticed it said "Throttled" in a few places; didn't know what it meant, but from all the talk about being throttled I thought it might be that... I used to be with Verizon and my speed and all service with AT&T is MUCH better here in the midwest.
Please delete yours as well if it has something in it that shouldn't be there... Thanks
I have no idea what you're talking about. You are way over my head in this. I have an app on my phone that is called "System Status" that I get all this info from so I wouldn't think it would change anything.. or be considered playing around with the logs, I'm just looking at them... I will delete my last comment. I thought it was a legitament question?
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