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"Earlier" in like after the March 7th iPad3 anouncment. or maybe a couple months? It seems by what you all have shared with me I may be ok with the one available now. I just dont want to throw down that kind of cash and then need to buy another one in 3 years... or have to send it in for some expensive in house upgrade... and thank you all for all your help - I really need it!
How long do you think it will be before the new model comes out?
The 27" iMac Core i7 looks great to me but again what about longevity? would this machine be one I could trust to keep up with all the tech for many years? I know it already has the thunderbolt tech. which is a leap forward. I also read where this machine is due for an upgrade soon also? I have had other tell me that the Mac Pro would be overkill... and really the only reason I was considering it was because of being able to upgrade it if need be...
I do a lot of heavy research with some very powerful search engines that open hundreds of resources at the same time which heavily tax the system with many things running at the same time. some photo and video editing with photo shop. build websites and manage blogs. thanks!
I am looking to take the leap and go totally Apple/Mac as I have migrated from an iPod touch 64 to iPhone 32 to iPad2 64 and have loved everything about them. While continualy upgrading windows desktops to more and more disapointments. I currently have a Dell XPS 8300 Intel i7 2600 3.4GHz 12G Ram 2T 7200 HD Radeon 1G 5700 HD running win7 64. and have had nothing but trouble with it - even worse than other lesser machines... I think my best bet for a machine to do what I...
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