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WAIT A MINUET! I thought Ivy Bridge was supposed to run cooler with less power?              If this is the case maybe I should get the Sandy Bridge machine that is out now if I decide to purchase the iMac? Since there already is sometimes a heat issue when the machine is pushed. what will happen with this hot box in there!?
Like I have said many times on this forum; I don't like laptops. I have had a stack of them only because I needed one for travel. I have never really liked the design at all it seems cumbersome to me. Also as I have said before; since buying my iPad2 I haven't even turned my laptop on, that was about six months ago... The iPad really serves all my needs for mobile computing when I am traveling and is actually very enjoyable to use. Many people I know are saying the same...
    I hadnt thought of this but it sure makes sense to me and great news for me and a lot of others too if it works out this way! 
Although I am in the market for a Mac Pro; and have been a little afraid of an AIO; with all the if's, but's, maybe's, and I dont know's floating around I honestly dont know what I will do till we hear something for sure. So, THANKS! I needed to hear that! 
He sits in his office chair staring aimlessly into space with eyes glossed over with emblems of an apple with a bite taken out of it reflecting from his pupils. Occasionally angrily glancing over at the Dell PC on his desk with reflections of nothing on it's shiny black front cover except for the round Dell emblem with sticky smudges leftover from when he had tried to hide it with a beautiful white Apple sticker. His bottom lip begins to quiver and a tear trickles slowly...
    You have been very helpful. I appreciate it much. I do think I should wait for the new hardware to come out. I would be in a better position then to make an informed decision on what is available. Thanks a bunch!
    Exactly... that's why I have the high standard windows machine that I have built the way it is, and will keep it for windows. And why I wanted to stay away from macbooks and why an AIO like the iMac makes me uncomfortable. After building my second PC years ago and seeing what you can do on your own and upgrading several since then (I've even already been in the one I have) I just feel better knowing I can if I want/need to without too much hassle and special tools or...
    So if I buy the current version of the Mac Pro today I can be confident it will be able to keep up with sotware and whatever hardware may need to be updated without any problems and run as good or better than when I bought it all the way till 2018? Wow! That is Good News! :-D I guess I'm back where I started then I should buy the Mac Pro whether it gets an upgrade or not in the comming months! Thanks!
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