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      Dates Event Name Location Type JUNE 2012 06/03/12 - 06/07/12 Design Automation Conference Moscone South and Esplanade Ballroom  Convention / Tradeshow  06/11/12 - 06/15/12 Corporate Meeting Moscone West, Levels 1-3  Convention / Tradeshow  06/16/12 - 06/19/12 ASM2012 Moscone North and South  Convention / Tradeshow  06/20/12 - 06/23/12 CMSA's 22nd Annual...
I think it's pretty strange with all that is happening, that I cant find one word in any news anywhere about WWDC 2012 ???? Also makes me nervous ~
    Yeah! Send me one too! I'm at the door looking for the UPS truck now! 
I can see where some would need/want a 17" portable workstation and for them I hope apple not only keeps it around but gives it a thinner lighter design. Although for me, I had a 17" laptop at one time and kept it only about a year and went back to a 15" because it was just too much to haul around for my needs. Since then my idea of a "portable" computer/device for my needs changed drastically after buying my iPad2. I do all my serious work in my office where I would...
I like it!
You guys are great!
Well.... I guess I can wait till after the 25th ... Thanks
    I take it you would wait..... but then the truth is she has a very high degree in her field (cant say what she is) and she puts way more in the bank than I do.... she probably wont go buy  anything... but I get nervous with all this wishy washy stuff - just sayin...
Thanks! and as far as the memory I was just going to add that myself.... Apple waaaay over charges for it.... I can max it out for a third of what Apple would charge.. Just "one more thing" and it is a stupid question I know but you guys know way more about this stuff than I do.... what do you think would be the longest wait I would have for the announcement considering everything so far - generally? 
  I'm getting very nervous... I'm afraid If I dont do  something pretty soon my wife will take my Mac Money and buy a new living room suit or something... HEEELLLLPPPP!!!! :-(
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