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I have been using one for about a year. It is pretty good at what it does. I will be very interested in the Apple Watch for obvious reasons but the Pebble was certainly better than Android Wear both for stability and battery life. The 7 days of battery life were not a marketing gimmick. Apple won't come close to this but again it is a completely different technology.
Other issue here is virtual machine capabilities. I run OS X everywhere but rely on a few Microsoft applications that just don't have suitable replacements on the OS X side of the house. Moving from Intel to ARM would most likely kill products like Fusion and Parallels. I don't really get this although it is just a complete rumor and could be nonsense.
I agree. So far much ado about nothing on most fronts. Plus the new Swiftkey is mostly crippled compared to the Android version (yes I know Apple did not write that app but it still adds to my overall disappointment with iOS 8 out of the gate).
So far most of this does not seem to work very well. I can receive a call on my iPad as advertised. However the SMS from the iPad does not work (iPad Air and iPhone 5s). It either does not allow you to press send or it sends but fails. As for the WiFi, it shows up sporadically in the iPad. If I turn the Personal Hotspot on it shows up but it was supposed to "just work". So far not very impressed. I know it is BRAND NEW but still these were touted features.
Wake me when they get Swiftkey. Instead of spending more on dividends and buybacks, why not go out and just buy Swiftkey and give us a real keyboard...? The iOS keyboard is a total relic.
This is a resounding victory. They asked for $380MM and received $290MM.
Microsoft continues to think people want Office on their tablet devices. I have many friends associated with Microsoft and they still think Office is a "killer app". And it is for desktop, but for a tablet which is used for so many non-work related tasks, Office is just not that important. There are plenty of apps out there that can read Office formats if I need to review a document in flight. If Office was available for the iPad I would buy it, but I would not buy a...
The Location Service now runs non-stop. I had to uninstall. This app is just like the Android version, sucks down battery life and runs services in the background for no reason. Nice!
Would at least like to see some form of widgets in iOS. I have an Android for work and although the app experience is pretty poor, I do like the ability to have a couple of relevant widgets on a page for quick viewing.
I agree, I meant their collective experience since leaving. Maritz took VMware's focus into nonsense products (Sliderocket) amd Elop has done next to nothing at Nokia. 
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