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I picked one up today. The keyboard is certainly a challenge, especially for services like Netflix and Hulu where it is a lot of scrolling around. The good news for some services like YouTube, HBO GO, etc it directed you to the web page to put you info in on a web browser with an activation code. I can't imagine this won't be addressed with an iOS app soon. But overall, this is a pretty neat little box. Several of my iOS games showed up as Purchased in the App Store and...
It is bundled with the new Yosemite update tonight. I updated my Macbook Pro tonight and iTunes was included. It was not included earlier in the day as others have pointed out.
Only thing I really want is force touch to get rid of all notifications on the phone. I like that a lot on the watch and is sorely missing in iOS. Android has had a way to get rid of all notifications at one time for quite a while now.
I don't hear anything about offline listening which is a big reason I pay for Spotify.
I played with Android Wear quite a bit, both before and after Google allowed third-party watch faces. The reality is that third party faces have the potential to drain battery like crazy on Android Wear. Some of them were so busy with moving parts and complications (i.e. weather updates) that they drained the watch. Moto 360 suffered greatly from this. So far I have not had one battery complaint with Apple Watch. I use it primarily for notifications/glances and fitness...
I hope it allows for offline playing like Spotify. That is a fantastic feature I use at the gym all the time (I use an old iPhone 4s as an iPod)
I have been using one for about a year. It is pretty good at what it does. I will be very interested in the Apple Watch for obvious reasons but the Pebble was certainly better than Android Wear both for stability and battery life. The 7 days of battery life were not a marketing gimmick. Apple won't come close to this but again it is a completely different technology.
Other issue here is virtual machine capabilities. I run OS X everywhere but rely on a few Microsoft applications that just don't have suitable replacements on the OS X side of the house. Moving from Intel to ARM would most likely kill products like Fusion and Parallels. I don't really get this although it is just a complete rumor and could be nonsense.
I agree. So far much ado about nothing on most fronts. Plus the new Swiftkey is mostly crippled compared to the Android version (yes I know Apple did not write that app but it still adds to my overall disappointment with iOS 8 out of the gate).
So far most of this does not seem to work very well. I can receive a call on my iPad as advertised. However the SMS from the iPad does not work (iPad Air and iPhone 5s). It either does not allow you to press send or it sends but fails. As for the WiFi, it shows up sporadically in the iPad. If I turn the Personal Hotspot on it shows up but it was supposed to "just work". So far not very impressed. I know it is BRAND NEW but still these were touted features.
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