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Wake me when they get Swiftkey. Instead of spending more on dividends and buybacks, why not go out and just buy Swiftkey and give us a real keyboard...? The iOS keyboard is a total relic.
This is a resounding victory. They asked for $380MM and received $290MM.
Microsoft continues to think people want Office on their tablet devices. I have many friends associated with Microsoft and they still think Office is a "killer app". And it is for desktop, but for a tablet which is used for so many non-work related tasks, Office is just not that important. There are plenty of apps out there that can read Office formats if I need to review a document in flight. If Office was available for the iPad I would buy it, but I would not buy a...
The Location Service now runs non-stop. I had to uninstall. This app is just like the Android version, sucks down battery life and runs services in the background for no reason. Nice!
Would at least like to see some form of widgets in iOS. I have an Android for work and although the app experience is pretty poor, I do like the ability to have a couple of relevant widgets on a page for quick viewing.
I agree, I meant their collective experience since leaving. Maritz took VMware's focus into nonsense products (Sliderocket) amd Elop has done next to nothing at Nokia. 
The Microsoft executive tree is stellar. Ballmer, Elop, Maritz. All delusional and unable to execute.
I got my wife an iPhone 5 and we needed to return it for an Android with a larger screen. She had to wear glasses to use the phone. There definitely needs to be an option with a GS3 size screen. The Note 2 is a bit too large, but the 4.8-5 inch screens do look good. She also liked the widgets and stuff, iOS needs to be made a bit more current.
It would be nice if they would at least announce if they were going to continue this line. My 2007 Mac Pro is no longer supported by Mountain Lion. I would love to buy a new one but refuse to spend $3000 on 2010 technology. At least announce your plans so folks can figure out what their next steps are. iMac does not do it for me, I need RAM and multiple hard drives.
New Posts  All Forums: