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 One other thing to remember, that A8x is 230 GFLOPS with just one chip, that number will be higher with a second chip if that actually comes out to be the case. Also, something else to consider: The current statistics for the A8x is based off from mobile performance. If they don't have the battery worries, who knows what kind of performance the A8x can actually perform.
 I have listened to Paul Hegarty for years, and each year I learn something new and acquire more knowledge and expertise due to his teachings. He makes the obscure seem very easy. If you want to learn Swift on the cheap, his Stanford class is fantastic on iTunes U.
So far so good. In all honesty, my experience has been awesome! The graphics are snappier, and everything seems to flow smoother. Even going into Mission Control (which used to be laggy as hell) is stupid fast!   And this is on a MBP 13" 2012 with 8GB of RAM. BTW, the new Beachball is also smoother. 😂
I have always thought it was very bizarre how she ruled against Apple. There really was no colluding going on between Apple and the five publishers. Yes, Apple went to each one with the same contract; that is just good business sense (don't get me started on the most favored nation clause, it did not cause the rates to be raised). And Apple did not set the prices of the books in question. Not only that, but Apple was the new kid on the block in comparison to Amazon. So how...
While you are absolutely correct, the real story here is that the iWork suite is now available to everyone without needing an iDevice or a Mac. The author wasn't exactly clear on that fact, and instead made it about the creation of the Apple ID.
 For starters, I think that this idea is a very long shot. Powerball level kind of long shot. I'm just saying that a lot of the moves that Apple has been making as of recent can point to this direction. As for why people would want this, it is because people want something that simplifies their life, and if they are on the go, they don't need to bring their iPad and their laptop anymore, it is now just one device... kinda.
Ok, I have an idea about the whole 12" MBAr thing, and it is still a pretty rough idea at this point, but I think it has merit: iPad Pro possibility: What if the rumors of the iPad Pro are sort-of accurate? What if the MacBook Pro 12" is also kind-of accurate? Now, what if Microsoft is also kind-of accurate? I theorize that maybe the accurate answer is actually a combination of all three. I present the iPad Pro, the hybrid computer. You take your typical iPad Air, and...
I was going to mention that!!  I think that could be huge!! Not to mention a definitive boost to the infrastructure part of things.
Whoa... While that sounds like a minor bump, that would literally be the game changer. Also not very likely. Although it could store 3,588,860,714,729,490 Yottabytes (that is the next power up from Exabytes). That is a lot of RAM that a phone, tablet, or even modern computer cannot even come close to having. (Review this post in about 20 years, and then mock me in the same way we mock Bill Gates for thinking people will never need more than 64 Kb of RAM). Other than for...
Ok, one part of this I agree with, and that is Apple needs to be cautious. While going "Thermonuclear" on Android may excite and please us iOS and Apple fans (and yes, I'm just as guilty about that as the rest of us), there is a real cautionary tale here to be had. If Apple has no real competitor to iOS, the government (i.e. the DOJ) may step in on "the behalf of the consumer" because we need to have a "competitive environment". So, we will have to deal with Android being...
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